Month: July 2011

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine

Martha and I were watching a tv. show last night in which Dave Mustaine reported that he is now a Christian. I was quite shocked when I heard this. The only thing that could have surprised me more would be if I heard that Lemmy Kilmister had become a Christian. Actually, I shouldn’t feel this way. I should start praying for Lemmy, Ozzy and a few others. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear one day that Casey Anthony or Lindsay Lohan have given their lives to the Lord. Stranger things have happened. As Christians we need to pray for Dave’s protection as the Enemy likely really hates it that Dave has made a decision for the Lord. Dave Mustaine is in a position to influence a lot of young people with his spiritual views.

Hope (part two)

Hope (part two)

When I fell into this depth of despair I actually hoped that my life would be cut short so that I wouldn’t have to suffer any more. A severe depressive episode can cause this type of distortion of perspective. Fortunately, I was able to come out of this depression after a couple of months. How did I do this? It had nothing to do with anything I did or didn’t do. I had people praying for me. Slowly, but surely, I started to feel better. I started to think about making new plans for my future. In other words, hope was starting to return. I had to ride out the pain and continue to survive until the depression finally lifted. This is a place I hope that I will never have to return to this dark place but I also relize that it is very possible that I will.



A couple of months ago I made a You Tube video called Hope by Brother Ken David Stewart. I was surprised to find out how many hits that this video received. A lot of its success was likely due to its promotion by my wife, Martha. The other reason for its popularity is that the message struck a chord with many people. On this video I am brutally honest. This video is still available on You Tube. To view this and other You Tube videos that I have done you can search for the “haystacks601” channel on You Tube. You can also type in Ken David Stewart on You Tube.
Due to the popular interest in this video I have decided to put into written blog form. During the months of March and April of this year I fell into a very deep and painful depression. I had recently experienced a major loss in my life and my physical health was also problematic. As a result I had for all intents and purposes, lost hope. I could not envision any kind of success or happiness in my future life. I had also lost the ability to enjoy virtually any aspect of my life. (to be continued)

Larry Flynt on the Nancy Grace Show

Larry Flynt

Last night when I watched the Nancy Grace Show Larry Flynt was the featured guest. Although I’m not a fan of what Mr. Flynt does for a living I do have some respect for him. Larry is very straight forward and doesn’t apologize for what he is or what he does. He made a point of telling last night’s viewers that he is first and foremost a businessman and that a business man’s job is to make money. Larry does not apologize for potentially making a lot of money from Casey Anthony. As Larry tells it this is what his fans expect him to do. Larry even stated that early on he didn’t think that there would be much of a demand for marketing Casey Anthony. He now reports that his fans have told him otherwise. Larry Flynt is much more honest about his motives than most of the media. Most of the mass media is vindicating people like Jose Baez for trying to make some money in the aftermath of the Casey Anthony Trial. What they are not telling the public is that they are covering the Casey Anthony story to get high viewer ratings. Higher viewer ratings keep their shows on the air and pay for their salaries.

Casey Anthony Updates

Casey Anthony Updates

I find it rather interesting that so many people are upset over the possibility of Casey Anthony making a lot of money. There are also many people and organizations who are suing Casey and want money from her. The question is, how do they expect Ms Anthony to pay them? She is presently unemployable in any traditional job. Yet people are irate that she might make enormous sums of money by either granting interviews or posing for pictures in magazines. How do they expect her to pay her debtors back and support herself in the foreseeable future?

Roswell 1947 page twenty-three

Roswell 1947 page twenty-three

Dennis: About the same about the same size as a child.

Jane: yes, I’ll draw a picture of it on this napkin for you as long as we destroy it right after you look at.

Narrator: Floyd has been listening very intently to this conversation from behind the rubber palm tree. As Jane draws the sketch on the napkin, Floyd copies it on the sleeve of his white shirt.

Jane: Dennis, isn’t that palm tree supposed to be near the front entrance of the bar?

Dennis: Yeah, that’s where it usually is. I guess Dusty must’ve moved it.

Narrator: While Dennis is talking, Jane likes the napkin on fire and lets it burn out in the ashtray.

Jane: We’ve got to leave now Dennis. I don’t want anyone to know we had this conversation.

Narrator: Dennis and Jane speak out the back door of the bar.

Floyd: I don’t believe it. That rancher I heard on the radio was telling the truth. Well, I’m on my way to the radio station. I’m about to give Rick and Dwight the best interview that show ever had.