Month: September 2011

When Things Don’t Work

When Things Don’t Work

I absolutely hate it when things I own don’t work. I know intellectually that things aren’t built to last forever but on an emotional level I still get bent out of shape. As I wrote in a previous post I am probably the world’s worst handyman. This self realization does not stop me from trying to fix things on my own. I usually know how the story will play out. I will spent a lot of time and sometimes money trying to repair something on my own. I will usually only quit and admit defeat when I have hopelessly destroyed whatever I was trying to fix. As the item needing repair is often fairly essential I will have to call a professional or sometimes my wife will call someone she knows that is handy. Then the job will get done properly.
Let’s review what went wrong over the last five weeks:
1) I had an accident with my car. In a comedy of errors it took weeks for my car to be declared a total write off. I recently bought a new used car. It is another Ford Taurus just two years newer. It looks great however and it feels like a new car to me.
2) My front door lock jammed and the door would not open. This, I tried to repair on my own with the usual humiliating and disastrous result. My wife called one of her friends to reinstall a new lock.
3) Our refrigerator is not keeping the temperature cool enough and our food and milk have been spoiling. This issue is still not entirely resolved.
4) Our computer starting acting like a rebellious youth with lots of attitude. After weeks of trying all sorts of fixes on my own I finally gave up and took into a computer shop for repairs. It is now working very nicely. Spending three days without a computer was almost intolerable for me.
In summary my replacement car is presently working, our fridge is somewhat working, I can now open my front door and my computer is now running properly.

Dr. Phil Interviews George and Cindy (part one)

Dr. Phil Interviews the Anthonys (part one)

After watching part one of Dr. Phil’s interview with George and Cindy Anthony there was only one great revelation that was not heard at the trial. This was Cindy’s theory that her daughter Casey suffers from some kind of organic brain disease. During the interview Cindy talked about post partum schizophrenia, a brain tumor and grand mal seizures. Cindy shared that Casey did have medical follow-up after her grand mal seizures and that the doctors did not find any reason for these occurrences. It appears that Cindy is trying to take some kind of comfort in thinking that all or part of her daughter’s behavior was not under Casey’s control. Cindy and George also mentioned that they noted a drastic change for the worse in Casey shortly after Caylee was born.
This was the first time that I was aware that George and Cindy were separated around the time of Casey’s pregnancy. It was also disclosed that George had a serious issue with gambling and was not truthful with Cindy about it. It appears that a lot of Casey’s lying may have been learned from her father. So what is one to make out of today’s disclosures? It raises more questions than answers. What was the truth about Casey’s seizures and did they play any roll in what happened in the tragic death of Caylee? Is George Anthony still holding back some of the truth? How soon was it that George was convinced that Caylee was indeed dead? Did he know for sure at this time? And one of the major questions was still not answered. Why did it take thirty-one days for George and Cindy to contact the police? Hopefully, there will be some more answers in tomorrow’s episode.

The World’s Worst Handyman

Mechanically Challenged

I should be enjoying my NFL football game today but apparently that is not in the cards. My wife discovered that our front door had jammed. When I went to investigate I found that the door lock was indeed jammed. The only way she was going to get out the front door was if I removed the lock entirely. I tried removing the lock set from inside the house. This was a waste of time. I had no alternative but to go out through the back yard. The problem with the backyard is that the back gate is locked also. I have to keep a U-lock on my back gate door so that I dogs don’t run out of the yard. The only other way I can get out the back door is with the use of the step ladder and chair. If I was younger I suppose I could just jump over the fence. But with my bad knees this would probably not be a wise idea to attempt this. So I went into the house to find the keys for my U- lock. I went around the front and was finally able to detach the door lock set.
Let me first point out that I am not a handyman in any sense of the word. They have a show on TV called the world’s worst handyman. If I were ever to compete on the show I would win hands down. My father before me was also not a handyman. He didn’t fix anything around the house. So therefore I learned zilch about fixing things. When I started living in mobile homes and eventually a real house, I discovered that things seem to break down regularly. Previously I had lived in apartments and this was not a problem as you could just call the landlord. When you own your own place there is no landlord or supervisor to call. There is however Handyman Connection. This company can send someone out to your house to fix your problem for a price of course. When I have resorted to this strategy I have always felt incompetent and guilty later especially when I had to fork over money from my wallet. The thought occurs to me that if I wasn’t so damn stupid I could’ve fixed the damn thing myself and saved a bundle of money. In some ways I have come a long way. Up until the last 10 years if I saw something that needed fixing around the house I would usually wait until it was absolutely necessary to get it fixed. I usually wouldn’t hesitate to call the handyman. I might look at the repair for a few seconds myself and then decide that it was way too hard for me. In present times I will actually attempt to do the repair myself. I once had a pastor pray for me that I would be able to fix things. The prayer seems to work to some extent. Now when I see a problem if it doesn’t look dangerous I will first attempt to repair it myself. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I make the problem worse because of my own efforts. But I have the satisfaction of saying at least I tried.

Farewell to My Ford Taurus

Farewell to My Taurus

Yesterday was rather an emotional day for me. I had to say goodbye to my old friend Roswell. I mean Roswell in the sense of my car. About 10 years ago I named my 1997 white Ford Taurus, Roswell. I found the name Roswell rather fitting for this car considering it resembles a spaceship. I was in love with this car from the first time I saw it in the parking lot. Fortunately, I was successful in talking my wife into buying it. Our first year with Roswell however, was a rather rocky one. It its first year under our ownership, Roswell must’ve spent 40% of its time in the mechanic’s garage. I was almost on the point of giving up on Roswell and getting rid of it. Fortunately, after its first turbulent year, Roswell began to settle down. From then on it and it was a really good car. I love the power of its engine and its smoothness in handling. The cool appearance of the car was what first attracted me to it. However, all good things must come to an end. About a month ago I got into a silly accident which caused Roswell to be a write-off. So yesterday afternoon I had to say goodbye to Roswell at the auto body shop. Roswell’s destination is now the salvage yard. I have many good memories of Roswell. I have always found that cars somewhat like music remind me of my history. They map out a certain era of time. That is probably why I get sentimental about them. It was my favorite of all the cars I have driven in my lifetime. Like I say, the first year I had it I thought it was going to bankrupt me. After that first tough year, it became a great car. I can still remember how proud I was of the car the first day I bought it. I wanted everyone to see my new cool car. Well, Roswell’s time is done. It has served its owner well. So, on that note I say goodbye to Roswell. It is now time to look for another car.

Faulty Perception

Faulty Perception

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. While we have a job and diligently try to do our best work day in and day out we come to think of ourselves as indispensable to our organizations. We go to work even when we’re sick because we don’t want to let the team down. We stay past our regular hours to help out a co-worker, We work overtime and don’t charge the organization for it. We think that because we do these things there should be little chance of us losing our jobs. Then things start to change. The company wants to go in a different direction. They want to cut costs in every possible way available to them. So you wake up one morning and realize that you don’t have to go about your usual routines to get ready for work. You no longer have a job. The organization has been a good part of your life for as long as you can remember.
To add insult to injury it is not long before anyone even remembers you. Time moves on. You now know that you have to reinvent yourself. You are now fully aware that you were nowhere near as important to the organization as you thought you were. The truth is that nobody really cares. The machine must keep on going and you were merely a cog in the mechanism that it no longer requires. The sad part is that you are now wiser but are also more cynical and jaded.



Although I have many interests I have trouble focusing on any one thing for more than fifteen or twenty minutes. After that I become restless and start thinking about a different activity. This evening was very typical for me. I spent some time practicing classic Led Zeppelin riffs on my guitar. I practiced Whole Lotta Love, a portion of the solo in Stairway to Heaven, Heartbreaker, Immigrant Song and How Many More Times. The thing about these riffs is that they look surprisingly easy when you read them on tablature. Then I try to play them and they’re not as easy as they seem. To get them right requires continuous repetitious practice of the same riffs over and over on a daily basis. I guess this is called self discipline. After about twenty minutes of this I had enough and switched over to playing a game of football on my PS3. I now own both the 2011 and 2012 versions of Madden NFL. I find that the format of these two games is significantly more user friendly than previous editions.

Vegging Time

Vegging Time

After taking my dogs to the dog park and doing some yard clean up I figured I got in my quota of exercise for the day. In fact I’m still recovering from yesterday’s workout at the gym. There is something about weight training that really takes it out of me. Yet I’m told that it is good for me. The rest of the day was spent in totally non physical activities like reading a lot of Blogster posts. You people write some cool stuff. I especially enjoy hearing what the young people have to say. The NFL regular season starts next week and I am once again curious to see how my Oakland Raiders are going to do. I live in Canada but I’m a big Oakland Raiders fan. Their colors and logo are so cool. I also watched a Guitar World video of a guy demonstrating how to play Led Zeppelin on guitar. The video increased my desire to own a double neck guitar like Jimmy Page uses on The Song Remains the Same and Stairway to Heaven. I would be happy with the Epiphone version if I can’t get a Gibson version.
I also spent a good portion of my afternoon being angry with my computer. The last month or so my computer has not been behaving very well. Today I was getting a strange error message when I tried to open my J River Media Center program. I tried a few novel things and finally got the damn thing up and running again.