Month: December 2011

The New Year

The New Year
Hello everyone and happy new year. I have often approached the new year with some trepidation. This is usually because I start thinking about the last year. The previous year has traditionally had some very painful moments. Last year was no exception. The first part of 2011 was a very bad time for me. I had to leave my job and was depressed for at least two months afterwards. During the month of May I decided that it was time to start enjoying my retirement even if it was a short one. For the rest of the year I began to become quite come comfortable with the retired lifestyle. I am planning to come out of retirement in 2012 but in a different occupation. I have already made preparations for this. I am feeling a little bit of anxiety about this but fortunately I am also looking forward to the new challenge. I am declaring the year 2012 to be one of health and prosperity for both myself and all of you.

Over the Christmas Season Hump

Almost Over the Christmas Hump
As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs I don’t look forward to the Christmas holidays. I havehad too many negative experiences in past holiday seasons. The last Christmas that I probably enjoyed was when my kids were still children. During those holidays I got to relive Christmas through a child’s eyes.
When my kids grew up Christmas seemed to lose a lot of its joy for me.
During the present Christmas holidays I once again had a rough Christmas. My wife and I were struggling with relationship issues and challenges. Fortunately, we were eventually able to talk these issues out and to restore peace in the home. It seems that something always comes up around Christmas. Last year I had a serious bout with bronchitis that took about six weeks to resolve itself. This year I actually tried hard to make it a better Christmas. After my wife and I had straightened out our issues I decided that I was going to have as much fun as possible for the rest of the holiday season. My wife and I have been watching several videos together some of which I may comment upon in upcoming blogs. We are still planning to visit with our granddaughter and give her her Christmas present. A visit with my granddaughter is almost guaranteed to lift my spirits. To each and everyone I wish a blessed holiday. Take a lesson from me. I f the holiday season hits a rough patch you can try to get over the obstacles and have a fun time.
Merry Christmas,
Ken David Stewart

The Tuesday Diary

The Tuesday Diary
There was a fair amount of activity for a Tuesday. I went to Moore’s to buy a new sports jacket for work. The store had been advertising a two for one sale on tv. When I got to the store I found out that the sale had ended two days ago. This meant that most of the really nice sports jackets had been picked over. I was fortunate enough to find one sports jacket that I liked at a good price. I was hoping to get two but like I say the sale was over. When I filled up with gas at ShelI decided to rent a DVD. I rented Super 8 and my wife and I watched it in the afternoon. The movie was good. It could have been a family movie if they took out some language, drug use and a scary looking alien. The plot was basically about a reverse engineering experiment conducted by the military. As I am somewhat of a UFO buff I have heard about the theory of reverse engineering of crashed alien vessels before.
I also took my dogs out to the dog park. We were blessed to have very nice weather for it considering the season. This is Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada I’m talking about. We are known for our long and cold winters. Speaking of Winnipeg, I got to watch the Winnipeg Jets hockey game on television. It was a very good game but my Jets lost to the New York Islanders when the game went to a shoot out.


I have usually found the Christmas season to be a challenging time of the year for me. I have often felt very down at this time of the year. My mother passed away during the Christmas season many years ago and ever since I have struggled emotionally. However, this Christmas season has gotten off to a much better start. I think that the biggest difference has been visiting with our granddaughter. She brings so much joy into our lives.

Up With the Cows

Up With the Cows
Well, this morning I’m up with cows. That’s just an expression I don’t really have cows. I just mean I’m up early. Due to a strange turn of events in my life I find that my retirement was short lived. I have just been retired since April 2011. I thought that I had enough hobbies to keep me going for quite awhile. This was true for about six months. After that I found that I was starting to get tired of my hobbies and they were beginning to feel like work. I have several hobbies including playing guitar, writing fiction, drawing, going to the gym, bike riding, video games, taking my dogs to the dog park, spending time with my family to mention a few and of course blogging. Of course, finances were a big factor in my decision to come out of retirement. There’s never enough money, is there?
So what am I going to do now? I’m going back to something I haven’t done in ten years, substitute teaching. I was also a full time permanent teacher for about twenty years. For the last decade I have been working in the field of mental health. My favorite part of my life skills worker job was teaching classes. I found that I still felt most at home in front of a classroom. So I have applied and have been accepted to return to substitute teaching. I am very much looking forward to returning to this occupation. I pray that this works out for me because it appears to be the work I like best.
So in the next few days It’s time to clean up. I’ve already gone for a haircut. Today I will be looking for some presentable clothing attire.

Slammed Inside Indie Wrestling

Slammed Inside Indie Wrestling
Last night I watched a National Geographic video called Slammed Inside Indie Wrestling. I found this to be a fascinating documentary. I have been a fan of pro wrestling since I was a young lad. I first started watching Vern Gagne’s AWA wrestling. I think I was hooked after watching my first televised wrestling match. The video Slammed documents the story of one of the independent wrestling promotions. It was amazing to see the determination and commitment of the athletes who aspired to one day be highly paid WWE wrestlers. It was easy to see that indie wrestling is a culture unto itself. The culture includes the promoters, wrestlers, aspiring wrestlers and the fans.