Up With the Cows

Up With the Cows
Well, this morning I’m up with cows. That’s just an expression I don’t really have cows. I just mean I’m up early. Due to a strange turn of events in my life I find that my retirement was short lived. I have just been retired since April 2011. I thought that I had enough hobbies to keep me going for quite awhile. This was true for about six months. After that I found that I was starting to get tired of my hobbies and they were beginning to feel like work. I have several hobbies including playing guitar, writing fiction, drawing, going to the gym, bike riding, video games, taking my dogs to the dog park, spending time with my family to mention a few and of course blogging. Of course, finances were a big factor in my decision to come out of retirement. There’s never enough money, is there?
So what am I going to do now? I’m going back to something I haven’t done in ten years, substitute teaching. I was also a full time permanent teacher for about twenty years. For the last decade I have been working in the field of mental health. My favorite part of my life skills worker job was teaching classes. I found that I still felt most at home in front of a classroom. So I have applied and have been accepted to return to substitute teaching. I am very much looking forward to returning to this occupation. I pray that this works out for me because it appears to be the work I like best.
So in the next few days It’s time to clean up. I’ve already gone for a haircut. Today I will be looking for some presentable clothing attire.

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