The Tuesday Diary

The Tuesday Diary
There was a fair amount of activity for a Tuesday. I went to Moore’s to buy a new sports jacket for work. The store had been advertising a two for one sale on tv. When I got to the store I found out that the sale had ended two days ago. This meant that most of the really nice sports jackets had been picked over. I was fortunate enough to find one sports jacket that I liked at a good price. I was hoping to get two but like I say the sale was over. When I filled up with gas at ShelI decided to rent a DVD. I rented Super 8 and my wife and I watched it in the afternoon. The movie was good. It could have been a family movie if they took out some language, drug use and a scary looking alien. The plot was basically about a reverse engineering experiment conducted by the military. As I am somewhat of a UFO buff I have heard about the theory of reverse engineering of crashed alien vessels before.
I also took my dogs out to the dog park. We were blessed to have very nice weather for it considering the season. This is Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada I’m talking about. We are known for our long and cold winters. Speaking of Winnipeg, I got to watch the Winnipeg Jets hockey game on television. It was a very good game but my Jets lost to the New York Islanders when the game went to a shoot out.

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