The Casey Anthony Video

The Casey Anthony Video Blog

I recently watched the Casey Anthony video blog. I found this video to be very interesting. One of the things that surprised me about this blog was that Casey did not come right out and state that she did not kill her daughter. If she had done so this video blog would’ve made more sense to me. The message I got from this blog was that Casey was reaching out for acceptance. Casey has likely not been accepted all of her life but why would she think she would be accepted now unless she totally denied the murder of Caylee. It appears that Casey is trying to sound like a normal person who wants the world to know that she now has a computer and a dog. It is almost like the death of her daughter is old news was and that the world should have moved on by now. Of course, nothing about Casey should surprise us anymore. I have recently been listening to the audio book Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony by Keith Ablow.. In his book Dr. Ablow attempts to make sense of how Casey Anthony came to be the way she is now. It is a fascinating read.

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