What’s Up?

What’s Up?
Last week I was having problems uploading my You Tube videos to Blogster so today I thought I might go back to the written format. On my last vblog I talked about my struggles with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Theses are two nasty medical conditions that cause a lot of pain and fatigue for those that have them. If you too have one or both conditions you know what I mean. Every day you need a new strategy to learn how to live a productive and happy life in spite of theses disabilities. When you grow older these diseases seem to take more of a toll on you. Each day one must wake up with renewed resolve to outsmart theses handicaps. There are days though where I simply have to restrict my activities and get a lot of rest. This is par for the course. The problem is that when I have a day where I wake up feeling fairly good I tend to over do it. This usually means that during the next day or two I will pay for my overexertion.


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