Month: February 2012

Ken David Stewart Talks About Depression

In this episode of What’s Up Mr. Stewart talks about depression.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

I have empathy for anyone who suffers with a sleep disorder. This type of medical condition can really play havoc with your system and may present many day to day challenges. I have suffered with sleep disorders as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, my condition went mostly undiagnosed until later in life, My sleep disorders are characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep apnea, oversleeping and periods of insomnia. As I also suffer from fibromyalgia, getting a good night’s sleep is critical.

Fortunately I was referred to a sleep disorder specialist who has helped greatly with managing my medical conditions. My treatment is a combination of select medications and use of a CPAP machine at night. If you also suffer from a sleep disorder my recommendation would be to see your primary physician and then to get a referral to a doctor who specializes in treating sleep disorders.

Two Classic Fight Films

Two Boxing Classics

Recently I have been watching to classic film’s about boxing. They are both from the 1950 and 1960s era. One stars Humphrey Bogart and is titled, The Harder They Fall. The other classic boxing film is titled Requiem for a Heavyweight. This movie features Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney, and Anthony Quinn. Both movies display the sleazy side of boxing.