Sharing Your Art Wih the World

Getting Your Art Out There

A couple of weeks ago I became alarmed when I read about the proposed SOPA legislation. I began to ponder how bills like this could mess up the internet as we presently know it. One of the great things about a free internet is that all artists get an opportunity to get their art out to the public. If you own some basic recording utilities such as a web cam you can broadcast your stuff to the world. A few weeks ago I did a vblog on a review of the DVD, Lemmy of Motorhead fame. Today I was pleased to see that seventy hits for it on You Tube. Of course there is nothing earth shaking about seventy views and although I didn’t make a penny on the video or any of my blogs I was thrilled to know that some people had watched the video. Making videos, no matter how basic, is still an art form in my books. Other art forms include photography, writing a poem, reading a poem aloud, writing a blog post, sharing a drawing and various other forms of artistic endeavour. Many people have artistic talent that they may not be aware of. The present internet system allows ordinary people to share their art with the world.


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