Why We Love American Idol

Why We Love American Idol

Last night my wife and I watched a new episode of American Idol. American Idol has been a successful tv show for several reasons. The main reason is the judges. After a few episodes, we feel like we know Randy, Jennifer and Steven and that they are guests in our homes. Last season Steven Tyler was the biggest surprise. When the public first learned that Steven Tyler would be one of the judges the announcement met with surprise and trepidation. Many people thought of Stephen Tyler as the stereotypical rock star. They probably suspected that Steven would show up for the show in some degree of intoxication if he showed up at all. As it turned out Stephen presented as lucid and intelligent on the show.Sure Stephen let loose with a few bleeped words and expressions and appeared to be intoxicated by the presence of young attractive females. Although Steven is in his sixties his libido does not appear to have slowed down. The most endearing quality of Steven Tyler is the warmth and kindness that he exudes. He comes across as a sincerely compassionate man. The end result is that Steven Tyler presents with an interesting dichotomy. He still demonstrates some traits of the aging rock and roll outlaw but also shows a kind, compassionate heart.

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