What Have I Been Doing Lately?

What Have You Been Doing Lately?

That’s a good question. As I have been getting up early every morning to await a sub call I realized that to prevent becoming depressed when I don’t get a call I should use my time doing something productive. So I asked myself what could I do while I’m waiting for the phone to ring? Then an idea came to mind. I have always liked to write. When I worked at my last job I used to write my own plays to use for my drama classes. I had a lot of fun writing these plays. When my job ended I turned to writing blogs as a pastime. In fact I still do write blogs and quite enjoy writing them. But I also have a burn to write fiction. I have wanted to write a novel for years. So I figured, better late than never why not start writing one now? I had written plays in the past and got a great deal of satisfaction out of the writing process. I found that writing can become very addictive. However, it is good to have at least one positive addiction. I read that Stephen King has stated that he is addicted to the process of writing. Mr. King has said that it is his drug of choice. I am now getting a small idea of what he has been talking about.

I recently purchased a piece of novel writing software called Story Weaver. This software is supposed to be a guide to writing a novel or screenplay. It sort of gives you step-by-step instructions as to how to proceed. It also comes with a lot of bonus materials that include online creative writing teaching and learning resources. Like anything technological it is going to take me a while to figure it out. I become very frustrated when I cannot figure out technology or software right off the top. I almost always find that it’s a pretty intense learning curve for me. With the Story Weaver software there has been no exception. On the upside it has really got me thinking about the process of writing a novel. The creative juices have begun to flow and it is time to figure out what to do with the new influx of ideas.



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