How’s My Writing?

How’s My Writing?

This week has been a bad week for getting substitute teaching assignments but a productive week for my writing. You could say that I’ve taken up novel and play writing as an avocation. Part of the reason is that I need something to do when I’m up before 6:00 AM waiting for a substitute teaching assignment. If I don’t get a call or get one for the afternoon only, at least the early hours of the morning aren’t wasted.

This week I am getting to the final stages of my good copy for my play Roswell 1947. This project has been quite a challenge as I started writing this play a few years ago in a serialized form. I have spent a lot of time sorting through old file folders hunting for lost episodes of my play. Fortunately, I have been able to find most of them. The job now is to put these episodes in some logical order and to revise the play write from the beginning. For some strange reason I have been under the illusion that fiction writing would be easier. I now know that it is not.

When not working on Roswell 1947 I have been putting together plot lines and character sketches for a new untitled novel dealing with the world of independent professional wrestling promotions. I have been working with Melanie Ann Phillips’ Dramatica Software to help me keep on track. So far I have found the Storymind software to be quite useful.


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