page thirty-two

page thirty-two


is going out with this guy, but I don’t want her to see me.


Dusty: I’ve got an idea. See that big rubber palm tree near the entrance to the bar?


Lloyd: Yeah, I see it.


Dusty: Okay, listen up. You’re skinny enough to make this work. I want you to hide behind the palm tree. Lift it up and walk very slowly behind the plant a few steps in time. Get as close as you can to their table until you can hear them talking.


Lloyd: Great idea Dusty. Thanks a million, buddy.


Dusty: Any time, Lloyd.


Narrator: Lloyd gets behind the palm tree and start slowly creeping towards Jane’s table by moving his feet just a few inches of a time. In about ten minutes Lloyd is close enough to hear Jane and Denis talking.


Nurse Jane: It was just horrible Dennis. Dr. Kilder told me to go to

operating room number six. I went in and saw three surgeons all

crowded around the operating table. I didn’t recognize any of them. I think they were all from the Mayo Clinic. I also remember seeing two photographers in the room. One was taking still pictures while the other one was using a 16mm film camera. At first I couldn’t see who was on the operating table. Then I was almost overcome by a nauseating foul odor in the room.



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