Day: May 10, 2012

Lake Mariposa Part Six

The first band to take the Main Stage was a band called Next. Their lead singer was a great vocalist named George Boulanger. Next opened their set with their new local single, Tobacco Road, a cover version of a song originally recorded by The Nashville Teens. As Next rocked through their set Misty was busy rolling joints which she generously passed down the line. Rick really didn’t like smoking marijuana but in the spirit of the occasion he took a toke when a joint was passed his way. By the third song Sasha had cuddled up beside Rick.

After Next finished their set a stage crew came on to change up the equipment for the next band, Brother. In later years Brother would prove to be a legendary band. They were Winnipeg’s first super group featuring three of the city’s most prominent musicians. Kurt Winter was on guitar, Vance Masters was on drums and Bill Wallace played bass and sang lead vocals. The Lake Mariposa gig was one of their debut performances. Brother was a unique band in that the band both wrote and played only original material. This super group was unfortunately short lived as when the internationally famous The Guess Who’s guitarist, Randy Bachman left the group they quickly replaced him with two guitarists, Greg Leskiw and Kurt Winter. The loss of Kurt Winter meant the end of Brother. Ironically both Bill Wallace and Vance Masters would also end up in The Guess Who as the band juggled line ups. But this afternoon Brother was intact and were playing in top form. Their set consisted of original compositions such as Bus Rider and Hand Me Down World. As Brother performed on stage Lloyd started to pass out cans of beer to Rick, Misty and Sasha. To combat the inevitable marijuana munchies the group snacked on Old Dutch potato chips. This intimate group rocked and grooved along with the music.

After about half an hour Sasha gave Rick a nudge. “Rick I need to pee. Will you walk with me to the washrooms?”

Of course,” replied Rick brushing some potato chip crumbs off his red tank top shirt. “Yeah, the beer’s starting to get to me too.”

Rick and Sasha navigated their way around the bodies that were either standing up, sitting or lying down. It was a beautiful day but it was starting to get very hot. Most of the audience seemed to be having a great time, smoking cigarettes, sitting or dancing, smoking dope, drinking beer or eating snacks. The air smelled sweet with the aroma of marijuana and Patchouli oil.

Rick and Sasha held hands as they found an open pathway on the way to find the washroom facilities. When they arrived they discovered that the washroom amenities amounted to a row of about ten Port-O-Sans. People were lined up two or three deep waiting for the next available portable outhouse. When one of the Port-O-Sans was finally vacated, Sasha walked towards it. She got within five feet of it when she said to Rick, “I can’t go in there Rick. If I go in there I”ll puke.”

Rick had to admit that the smell emanating from the outdoor toilet was very nauseating. “Where do you want to go Sasha?”

Take me down the path to the wooded area. I’ll find a place to pee there but I want you with me to stand guard. The couple only had to walk about ten yards before Sasha found a nice, secluded spot by a tree. “Now stay right here Rick and turn around.” In a few seconds Sasha had unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her panties. Rick soon heard the sound of Sasha urinating on the grass and leaves.

You can turn around now Rick. By this time Sasha was buttoning up her jeans. “Man, did that feel good. There was no way that I was going to sit on one of those disgusting Port-O-Sans.”