The Cover Up Part Five

He valued his position too highly to allow one mistake to ruin his career.

Just then Rick could see Holly, the weekend day shift RCW through the office window. She was here to start her weekend day shift. It was 6:45 AM the time that they normally did shift change. Rick let Holly into the office.

Holly was a twenty-two year old punk rocker. She played in a local punk band and looked the part. This morning her hair was blue with some gold streaks thrown in. She wore a Sid Vicious tee shirt and light blue stone washed jeans. She was petite, with an abundance of body art visible on her arms. Holly had the inevitable pin through her nose. She had been a residential care worker for three years now. Previously she had worked in a home for seniors and once in a facility for the mentally handicapped.

What’s going down, Rick? Why are you here anyway?” Holly had rarely seen Rick at work on the weekend unless there was some kind of emergency.

It’s not good,” Rick answered. “One of our residents passed away during the night.”

What?! Who was it?” asked Holly.

Brett Harkness.”

How did he die?”

That has been determined yet. They found him unconscious in the stairwell. Look, Holly, I’m going to need you to give the guys their morning meds and try to calm them down. They will be asking us a lot of questions and they’re bound to be upset. Meanwhile, I’m going to call the executive supervisor at home and ask if she can give us some extra staffing for today.”

No problem Rick. I’ll see what I can do to settle the boys down.”

Rick went back to his office and phoned the executive supervisor, Lisa Harrison.”

Hi Lisa. Sorry to bother you at home but I have some terrible news. One of residents, Brett Harkness passed away during the night shift.” Rick then went on to tell Lisa as much information as he knew. He also asked her for two

extra staff for today. He asked for one extra RCW for the day shift and one for the evening shift.”

Well, okay for today only, Rick. You know that we’re over budget for this month already,” Lisa answered letting out a deep sigh.

Rick finished the phone call by telling the executive director that he would call her with updates as the weekend unfolded.

The House of Hope psychiatric wing was kind of a dinosaur in the mental


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