Lake Mariposa Page Fourteen

Did you have a job while you were in Berkeley?”


Well, for about a year I taught in a Berkeley alternative school?” answered Gypsy?

You were a school teacher?” said Misty in surprise. Somehow I have a hard time picturing you as a school teacher.”

So do I. That’s why I left the profession,” laughed Gypsy. “Actually I enjoyed the teaching part but I didn’t like having to enforce rules and discipline all the time.”

What grades and subjects did you teach?” Misty asked.

I taught grades seven to twelve English and social studies mostly. I also taught a lot of what are called guidance courses such as family life and drug and alcohol education, “ replied Gypsy.

Drug and alcohol education? You’ve got to be kidding,” laughed Misty.

Well, I did start to feel like a bit of a hypocrite,” joked,Gypsy. “You see it’s kind of a long story. I was brought up by parents who were both in the military. Heavy on rules and regulations, the whole nine yards. You could say that in away I got my adult and teenage rebellion tears in the wrong order.”

You know, in a weird kind of way that does kind of explain it,” said Misty.

Aha, someone who finally understands me,” laughed Gypsy.

Misty and Gypsy kept up this lively conversation all the way back to the concert area. Gypsy looked around a bit and finally spotted his buddies. When they joined up with his friends they were all well into the party atmosphere. Joints were being passed around and a large bottle of cheap wine was making its way down the line.

How was business, Gyp?” asked one of his buddies named Joker.

It was all right. A few sales here and there. Enough to keep us partying for awhile,” Gypsy answered.

Hey, who’s your friend?” asked Louie another one of Gypsy’s friends. Louie had a tattoo of a cobra on his left arm.

Oh right. Where’s my manners? I just met this cool chick today. Her name is Misty,” said Gypsy.

You’re beautiful,” said Joker with his eyes fixed on Misty.

That she is but just remember, she’s with me my brothers. I saw her first,” said Gypsy.

It’s not right,” said Louie. Gypsy always gets the cool, good looking women.”

It’s gotta be my charm,” laughed Gypsy.








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