The Cover Up Part Nine

Bret would spoil their game. If he witnessed anyone bullying the other residents Bret would quickly put a stop to it. Rick didn’t have to do or say much to get a bully to back down. A good stern look from Bret was usually sufficient Bret still went to the gym four or five times per week and he had developed an impressive physique. Simon and Matthew did not exercise at all and appeared scrawny by comparison. Another factor was that Bret was their intellectual equal. He had a university degree and read books voraciously. He was onto their game and they knew it.”

So, Simon and Matthew would like to have Bret out of the program? asked Barnes.

No doubt,” Rick responded.

As the line of questioning continued Rick was starting to feel unwell. “Look detective, I haven’t had much sleep and I am really not feeling that well. I also have to phone Brett’s community mental health worker and try to get a hold of his parents one more time. Could we continue the interview at a later date?”

Of course, Rick. I would like to see the medical examiner’s report anyway so that we would have more to go on. The ME’s report will likely not be completed until at least tomorrow morning. Can I call you tomorrow? “ asked Detective Barnes, stifling a yawn.

Absolutely,” replied Rick.

After Detective Barnes left Rick tried calling Bret’s mental health worker but only got her answering service. Rick also left a phone message for Bret’s psychiatrist. Rick then put on his sport jacket and informed Holly that he would be leaving the facility or the day. He asked her to call him at home if there were any updates on the situation..Rick also told Holly that she could give Bret’s parents his home phone number if they returned his call.

Rick drove home in his dark brown Chevy Impala. As soon as he got home, Rick was about to call Central Pharmacy to order a new bubble pack of meds when the thought suddenly occurred to him, “Wouldn’t the pharmacy wonder why he was ordering replacement meds for a dead client?” Rick knew that he would have to change his cover up plan but right now he was simply too exhausted to think clearly. He spread out on his sofa and would take a nap first.

Jeff Barnes left for home around the same time as Rick did. When arrived at his apartment he was immediately greeted by his orange tabby cat, Zelda. Like Rick he was very exhausted. Jeff took off his shoes and lay back in his sofa. He placed a cushion behind his head and tried to relax. He found it very hard to unwind from his job. There were too many thoughts and questions buzzing around in his head. Jeff felt uneasy about his interviews with Rick


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