The Cover Up Part Ten

Jeff felt uneasy about his interviews with Rick that morning. The detective had a suspicion that Rick knew more information than he had told him.

It had been a difficult shift for Holly. Every resident dropped by at least once to ask what happened during the night. Most of them were very shaken up when they heard that Bret had passed away. When they came by the office to talk to Holly about it, most of them were asking the question, why? Holly really didn’t have any answers for them but she tried to console them the best she knew how. Many therapists believe that talking about the crisis situation is good therapy in itself.

At 3:45 PM the evening counselor/teacher/residential care worker showed up for his shift. His coworkers nicknamed him Slash due to the variety of jobs that Drake did. Holly had phoned Drake earlier in the day to tell him what happened with Bret. Drake had just turned sixty last month. He was obese and wore his long white hair in a ponytail. Although he was obviously overweight, Drake carried his weight well. In the early afternoons he would usually go for a forty-five minute ride on his mountain bike. If he had enough energy left after his evening shift he would go to the gym after work and pump iron for another thirty to forty minutes. Even with all this exercise Drake Stephens was starting to slow down. His shift were taking much more

out of him than they had even a couple of years ago. He didn’t cherish the thought but realized that he probably only had a year or two left before he would have to retire. Drake cracked opened a Rockstar energy drink and let out a deep sigh.”Shit” was all Drake could say.

I know how you feel Rick. We all liked Bret,” Holly said.

He was one of the few guys who could have made it out there.” Rick was referring to the “real world”, the world outside the facility.

I know and we don’t even know how he died yet.”

Oh, I’m sure we will know in a day or two,” sighed Drake. “I just hope there wasn’t any foul play involved.”

‘How is that even possible, Drake? Everybody liked Bret, “said Holly.

Well, let’s just say that this building and the surrounding area isn’t the safest place to live.” added Drake.

Yeah, you’re right Drake. Two years ago a guy from the hostel was fatally knifed because he wouldn’t give some one a cigarette.” said Holly.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that would run over their grandmother for fifty bucks,” Drake stated.

Yeah, and that’s only the staff we’re talking about.” joked Holly.

Good one, Holly,”. Rick and Holly both broke out laughing at the same time.

Chapter Two:

Rick had a very restless sleep on his couch. He began a dream that turned into a nightmare. Rick dreamed that he saw Brett Harkness crawling out of his grave and chasing him out of the cemetery yelling, “You murdered me, you asshole!”


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