Day: May 22, 2012

Lake Mariposa Part Nineteen

Misty had a head start into the woods of several minutes. She further increased her distance from her would be rescuers by the speed of her running. The acid that she took was very likely laced with some amphetamine and this was adding to the urgency of Misty’s escape from her perceived monsters. The rain continued to pour down causing Misty to slip and slide as the grass became slippery and the grass muddy. Misty lost her footing and slid right into a large oak tree. Her head took a nasty bump as it collided with the trunk of the tree. The collision had caused a small gash to open on Misty’s forehead. Her blood started to mix with the pouring rain and Misty’s own perspiration. When Misty looked down on the blood dripping on the ground her panic increased. Instead of staying put and calling out for help Misty began to run further into the forest.

Misty looked up at the sky and saw a quick flash of lightning. She looked up again and could see the Viking god, Thor grasping a large bolt of lightening in his hand and pointing it at her. Misty next heard an enormous clap of thunder. This time when she looked up at the sky she saw Thor racing across the sky holding on to leash that controlled six rabid silver wolves. The distance between the sky and the ground appeared to be rapidly closing in on her.

Misty’s instinct directed her to run to the next thicket of bush and trees. When she had run about ten yards she was tripped up by some vines hanging on the ground. This caused her to bump her already lacerated head on a large stone further opening the wound. Misty tried to lift her head up to look at the sky but instead she lost consciousness.

As soon as Rick, Gypsy and Sasha started down the trail they thought that Misty had taken they started calling her name but got no response. Due to the pouring rain they too slipped and slid down the paths into the woods. Rick ran ahead of the others but quickly turned around to see that Gypsy was right behind him. Perhaps the adrenaline rush was providing Gypsy with more athleticism than he normally possessed. After a few minutes they came to the large oak tree where Misty had struck her head. They could see a large blood stain on the tree and could see a puddle of blood diluted by the rain water.

Misty’s hurt!” Rick yelled to his companions.

She probably slipped and hit her head against the tree,” said Gypsy.

Or has been attacked by a wild animal!” said Sasha who was starting to panic.,







The Cover Up Part Fifteen

Judy directed Detective Barnes to a large burgundy Lazy Boy chair in their living room that was normally Drake’s chair. Detective Holland took a very well worn chair to the left of her partner. Jeff pulled out his pocket notebook and his favorite silver, ballpoint Parker pen. Hamlet, the Great Dane made himself comfortable at Detective Barnes’ feet. Sally, the border collie

chose to sit close to Detective Holland.

Well, we all know why I’m here. I wish we could have met in more favorable circumstances but it is what it is.” said Jeff Barnes.

Drake was sitting on the left hand side of the couple’s well used burgundy and yellow sofa. Judy sat close to him to his right.

Have you found out any more details detective?” asked Drake.

Well, the medical examiner’s report came in. She said that Bret Harkness died of a cardiac arrest.”

A cardiac arrest? Bret appeared so healthy,” stated Drake sounding surprised. Drake was continuing to straighten out out piles of books on the coffee table nervously.

That’s what everyone’s been telling me,” replied Jeff.

Do they have any idea what may have caused Bret”s heart attack?” asked Judy.

That’s a gray area as of now. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. We have a few theories though,” said Detective Holland.

What are the theories, detectives?” asked Drake.

Well, we have some clues. The ME found significant concentrations of both cocaine and methamphetamine in Brett’s body. There were some traces of marijuana as well.” said Detective Barnes.

From what your supervisor told me you are the staff that Bret was closest to,” stated Detective Barnes.

Yes, I was his case manager. We had lots of good talks during his time with us.”

From what I’m told Bret was a high functioning client who was well-liked by just about everyone,” said Barnes.

With the exception of Simon and Matthew. They both resented Bret,” Drake clarified.

That’s what Rick told us. He said that Simon and Matthew disliked Bret. “

That’s right. They resented Bret because he wouldn’t let them rule the roost,” explained Drake.

.”Do you think that they were physically capable of harming Bret?” asked Detective Holland.

They would probably like to but they knew there own limitations. The last time Simon and Matthew last did a push up was probably in junior high school. They realized that in any kind of physical confrontation with Brett they would both get their clocks cleaned,” said Drake as put his coffee cup on 

Lake Mariposa Part Eighteen

The patient is breathing and has a pulse,” the doctor said know bent down with one knee on the ground.

By this time Lloyd was starting to come around. He opened his eyes, looked around and tried to lift himself up. As he moved only slightly a strong wave of pain came over him and Lloyd gave out a loud groan.

Just rest easy for a bit, man and let the doctor have a look at you,” Gypsy instructed.

The doctor began his examination of Lloyd. Once he was satisfied that Lloyd had sensation in all his limbs the doctor asked Gypsy and Rick if they could help Lloyd get to his feet.

The effects of the acid that Misty had ingested earlier were starting to manifest. She began to feel very paranoid and disoriented. Misty could not make any sense of what was going on. When she looked at her dad being helped to his feet by Rick and Gypsy she thought that her dad looked like the monster in the book, Frankenstein. Misty had recently been reading this novel and she saw a resemblance to her father probably due to his misshapen nose and the blood all over his tee shirt. Gypsy and Rick appeared to Misty as two ugly gargoyles who were Dr. Frankenstein’s assistants. Misty let out a scream and ran into the bushes behind the main stage.

Slowly getting up onto his feet Lloyd yelled,” What’s wrong with Misty? “

Where’s she going?”

She looked very freaked out, said the young doctor. Your daughter may have taken some of the bad acid that was floating around. We saw a lot of bad trips in the first aid tent this afternoon.”

Rick, Sasha go find Misty!” Lloyd directed. He then watched Gypsy follow Rick and Sasha into the woods.

” You need to stay here, sir. I’ve got to fix up your nose. It’s dislocated,” said the doctor.

Lloyd groaned and said, “I’ve got to find my daughter and help her.”

Don’t worry about that sir. It looks you have three responsible people looking out for her,” said the doctor trying to reassure Lloyd.

Yeah, well I don’t know who that other guy is. If he’s the one that gave her the bad acid I’ll kill him,” Lloyd replied.

We don’t know that sir. I’m sure your daughter will be all right. Once the others find your daughter they can bring her to the first aid tent where I can treat her,” said the young doctor attempting to calm Lloyd down.


The Cover Up Part Fourteen

As soon as Rick gave Drake’s home phone number to Barnes, the detective called Drake . Barnes made arrangements to drop by Drake’s home within the hour.

Shortly after Detective Barnes left the House of Hope, Rick’s phone rang.

Hello, House of Hope, Rick Jennings here. How can I help you?”

Hi, I’m Meredith, Bret’s girlfriend.” Her voice sounded shaky and he could hear her sobbing. “I just phoned the residents’ line and they told me that Bret was dead.”

I’m sorry Meredith, but its true,” replied Rick.

Rick had met Meredith a couple of times at The House of Hope. She was an attractive woman with a slim build almost twenty-five years old. Her birth day was coming up next month. Meredith was a university student. She was working on a double major in theater and fine arts. She was taking her theater courses at The University of Winnipeg and her fine arts classes at The University of Manitoba. She came from a wealthy family and her father was a well known businessman in Winnipeg.

Meredith had been introduced to Bret by one of her girlfriends. Sasha was a social work student who completed one of her practicum assignments at The House of Hope. It was there that Sasha got to know Bret. When Bret told her about his many interests, Sasha could not help but think about how much he had in common with her friend, Meredith. She couldn’t wait to have them meet each other.

Detective Jeff Barnes and his partner, Detective Krista Holland arrived at Drake Stephen’s house at 11:45 AM. Drake and his wife Judy lived in a modest home in an older part of the city. As Detective Barnes and Detective holland entered the Stephens’ porch and knocked on the door they immediately heard the loud barks of Drake’s dogs warning that a potential intruder was at the door. Derek got up to answer the door to let Jeff in. As Drake opened the door his two dogs quickly ran out to greet the two detective. The dogs took turns sniffing each detective’s clothing.

Hello Drake. This is my partner Detective Holland,” said Barnes.

Pleased to meet you. My wife Judy is still tidying up a few things.

Derek and Judy’s house was cluttered but not dirty. Judy went into a mad rush of cleaning when she heard that Detective Barnes would be coming to their house this morning. She wasn’t expecting Detective Holland but then she remembered from watching crime shows on t.v. That detectives always worked in pairs. “We haven’t trained our dogs very well.”

Drake and Judy had two dogs. One was a black and white Great Dane named Hamlet and the other was a black and white Border Collie they called Sally.

We’re both terrible at training our pets,” said Drake straightening out his red tank top.

That’s for sure. We paid a professional dog trainer to help us out last year but that was a waste of money. Our dogs didn’t behave any better and the trainer spent most of her time scolding Drake for not practicing the lessons with the dogs when she wasn’t at our place.” added Judy.

Judy was a petite slim built woman with platinum blonde hair in her mid fifties who still liked to wear her hair long. She and Rick had been married for close to fifteen years now. It was a second marriage for both of them and they seemed to be very comfortable with each other.

Judy directed Detective Barnes to a large burgundy Lazy Boy chair in their living room that was normally Drake’s chair. Detective Holland took a very well worn chair to the left of her partner. Jeff pulled out his pocket notebook and his favorite silver, ballpoint Parker pen. Hamlet, the Great Dane made himself comfortable at Detective Barnes’ feet. Sally, th

Lake Mariposa Part Seventeen

Meanwhile, a general scuffle broke out in front of the stage. When Lloyd toppled from the stage he ended up at the bottom of a pile and people were inadvertently stepping all over him. Rick jumped into the fray to try to rescue Lloyd. As Rick attempted to pull Lloyd out of the pile he got jostled around by other people who were either bystanders or active participants in the fight. At one point Rick took a knee to the groin and doubled over in pain for about a minute.

We got to help my family and Rick. There all up there by the front of the stage,” sad Misty to Gypsy. Gypsy called out to his friends to get ready to do battle. While all this chaos was going on Sasha felt like she was frozen in time. This was all too surreal for her. The acid she took was starting to kick in.

At last, Sasha called out to Rick, “Be careful Rick.”

By this time the local security guards had contacted the RCMP on their walkie -talkies. Within a few minutes the police jumped into the fray and started to break things up. While this was taking place the rain started to come down in buckets. Most of the crowd were starting to leave as they knew they weren’t going to hear any more music today. Many of the bikers also quickly got on their bikes and left the area. Several of them were on parole or had outstanding warrants and didn’t want to get arrested by the RCMP.

As the crowd started to thin out Rick was able to get to Lloyd who was still lying on the ground. Lloyd was still conscious but it appeared that his nose had been broken by a biker’s punch. Rick could see that there were several places on Lloyd’s arms that were turning black and blue.

We’ve got to get your dad over to the first aid tent,” said Rick to Sasha as the rain continued to pour down. Gypsy came over to introduce himself to Rick and Sasha.

Hi, I’m Gypsy. I just met Misty this afternoon. How’s Misty’s dad doing?” asked Gypsy bending down to have a closer look at Lloyd.

Your dad has a broken nose and several contusions on his arms,” said Gypsy, taking charge of the situation. “We need to get him over to the first aid station eventually, but I’ll need a doctor to see him here. I don’t want to move him as he may have a head or neck injury. Can one of you run to the first aid tent and tell them that we need a doctor here right away?”

You won’t need to do that, man. I’m a doctor. As soon as I saw the fight break out I knew I’d be needed here,” said a young festival medic.