The Cover Up Part Fifteen

Judy directed Detective Barnes to a large burgundy Lazy Boy chair in their living room that was normally Drake’s chair. Detective Holland took a very well worn chair to the left of her partner. Jeff pulled out his pocket notebook and his favorite silver, ballpoint Parker pen. Hamlet, the Great Dane made himself comfortable at Detective Barnes’ feet. Sally, the border collie

chose to sit close to Detective Holland.

Well, we all know why I’m here. I wish we could have met in more favorable circumstances but it is what it is.” said Jeff Barnes.

Drake was sitting on the left hand side of the couple’s well used burgundy and yellow sofa. Judy sat close to him to his right.

Have you found out any more details detective?” asked Drake.

Well, the medical examiner’s report came in. She said that Bret Harkness died of a cardiac arrest.”

A cardiac arrest? Bret appeared so healthy,” stated Drake sounding surprised. Drake was continuing to straighten out out piles of books on the coffee table nervously.

That’s what everyone’s been telling me,” replied Jeff.

Do they have any idea what may have caused Bret”s heart attack?” asked Judy.

That’s a gray area as of now. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. We have a few theories though,” said Detective Holland.

What are the theories, detectives?” asked Drake.

Well, we have some clues. The ME found significant concentrations of both cocaine and methamphetamine in Brett’s body. There were some traces of marijuana as well.” said Detective Barnes.

From what your supervisor told me you are the staff that Bret was closest to,” stated Detective Barnes.

Yes, I was his case manager. We had lots of good talks during his time with us.”

From what I’m told Bret was a high functioning client who was well-liked by just about everyone,” said Barnes.

With the exception of Simon and Matthew. They both resented Bret,” Drake clarified.

That’s what Rick told us. He said that Simon and Matthew disliked Bret. “

That’s right. They resented Bret because he wouldn’t let them rule the roost,” explained Drake.

.”Do you think that they were physically capable of harming Bret?” asked Detective Holland.

They would probably like to but they knew there own limitations. The last time Simon and Matthew last did a push up was probably in junior high school. They realized that in any kind of physical confrontation with Brett they would both get their clocks cleaned,” said Drake as put his coffee cup on 


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