The Cover Up Part Seventeen

I can imagine. Did you observe any other changes in Bret’s demeanor or behaviors? asked Detective Holland.

Yes, Bret was starting to isolate himself from the other residents,” Drake answered.

Do you think that he was suicidal?” asked Detective Barnes.

I don’t think so. Bret was very depressed about his break up with his girlfriend, but I don’t think that he had any plans to harm himself,” answered Drake.

What is his girlfriend’s name?” asked Detective Holland.

Meredith, “ Drake answered.

How did they meet?” asked Detective Holland.

One of our social work practicum students introduced them,” said Drake.

How long were they going together?” asked Detective Barnes.

Approximately seven to eight weeks,” Drake answered.

What was their relationship like before they broke up?” asked Detective Holland.

Bret and Meredith appeared to have the makings of a good relationship started. They had a lot of common interests such as art, books, writing and music. They spent a lot of time together.” Drake explained.

If they were getting along so well what caused the break up?” asked Detective Barnes.

Bret’s old friends, Randy and Derek. Meredith did not approve of them. She thought that they had a bad influence upon Bret,” Drake answered.

In what way?” asked Detective Holland.

Well, they had certainly meant trouble for Bret in the past. Bret met Randy and Derek around the same time that his symptoms of schizophrenia were first starting to manifest.”

How did Bret meet these two guys?” asked Barnes.

In high school. All three of them were taking an auto technology course. They were all interested in cars. Unfortunately, Randy and Derek were also interested in stealing them. They also used and sold illegal drugs,” Drake explained.

So these guys were really bad news for Bret,” said Holland.

Well, Rick had never been in trouble with the law until these two guys showed up in his life,” Drake added.

Did Bret have a criminal record?” Holland went on.

Yes, Drake replied. “ But the judge determined that Rick was NCR or not criminally responsible because of his schizophrenia.”

So Meredith had Bret’s best interests in mind when she showed her disapproval of him hooking up with Randy and Derek again,” asked Detective Holland.

Absolutely. She was good for Bret,” stated Drake. “ Still Bret felt a certain kind of loyalty to his old friends. Possibly because they still wanted to be friends with him when he was starting to get sick.”

Well, that’s about all the questions I have for now although I’m sure to have more as the investigation continues,” said Detective Barnes as he got out of Drake’s Lazy Boy chair.

Drake and Judy walked the two detectives to the door. “It was a pleasure meting you folks, but like I said before, I wish it was in different circumstances,” said Barnes.

Just give me a call if you have any more questions, detectives? Drake replied.

Chapter Three


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