The Cover Up Part Sixteen

They would probably like to but they knew there own limitations. The last time Simon and Matthew last did a push up was probably in junior high school. They realized that in any kind of physical confrontation with Brett they would both get their clocks cleaned,” said Drake as put his coffee cup on a a hard to find open space on his coffee table.

Did Bret have any other enemies in the building?” asked Barnes flipping over a page in his pocket size notebook.

Nobody that I can think of specifically but I don’t know a lot of the residents outside of our program. The clients of the hostel are usually quite transient and often don’t stay for more than a few days to perhaps a week or two. I think that’s its outside of the building where most of the danger lies.”

It’s a pretty rough area isn’t it. Sniffers, drug dealers, hookers, thieves, you name it.” stated Barnes matter of factually.

Well nobody wants these kind of programs in their community do they? So these residents usually find themselves in the inner city.” said Rick.

Had you observed any changes in Brett’s personality or behavior in the last few weeks?” Detective Holland asked.

Yes, there were significant changes for the worse, unfortunately, “ Drake answered.

How, specifically?” continued Detective Holland.

He appeared to be very depressed. For example, Bret used to attend my evening classes faithfully.” explained Drake.

What classes did you teach, Drake?” asked Detective Holland.

I taught a wide variety of classes. Everything from basic life skills courses such as money management and medication management to subjects such as art and drama.” answered Drake.

And you ran the rest of the program in the evening by yourself too?” asked Detective Barnes with a look of surprise on his face.

You bet and it’s getting increasingly harder on me now that I’m sixty years old,” added Drake.

I can imagine. Did you observe any other changes in Bret’s demeanor or behaviors? asked Detective Holland.

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