The Cover Up Part Twenty-One

I have nothing to say to you, Mr. James,” was Lisa’s curt response to Bill James’ phone call.

I heard that there was another fatality at your facility a couple of days ago,” said Bill.

Who told you that Bill?” demanded Lisa Harrison angrily.

You know that I can’t reveal my sources, Lisa,” was Bill James’ answer.

Now, isn’t that convenient. I’m going to check around if you’ve been talking to any of our staff. If I find out that anyone’s given you any information about the operation of The House of Hope they’ll be tossed off the pay roll as fast as the last two were,” said Lisa opening the drawer where she kept her bottle of Tylenol.

From what I’m hearing the incidents of violence are escalating rapidly of late at The House of Hope,” stated Bill James.

Is that supposed to be some kind of news flash, Bill?” pouring herself a glass of water from a pitcher filled with ice cubes.

I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, Bill, but The House of Hope is located in the poorest area of the city. You don’t have to be a social worker to know that poverty breeds crime,” said Lisa.

So you’re going on record as saying it as a violent criminal act that killed the young man?” Bill pursued sensing an opening.

I’m not going on the record as saying anything, Mr. James. I’d just like to tell you how easy it is for you to sit back and criticize the way I run The House of Hope,” said Lisa Harrison feeling her blood pressure rise.

Hang on, Lisa, I know you don’t have an easy job,” replied Bill James defensively.

You have no idea. You really don’t Bill. I would like to put you in my job for one day. You’d quit before noon,” said Lisa as she noticed her voice increase in volume.

Of course, I’m not you, Lisa. I could never do your job,” Bill answered.

I never thought I’d hear you admit it, Bill,” said Lisa relaxing slightly.

Look Bill, you go to all these city council meetings, have your little communist meetings and publish your little rag you call The People’s Voice, but you have no idea what the reality of the situation is.

I’m a socialist not a communist, Lisa. I’m deeply offended,” said Bill James with a soft laugh.

What’s the difference, Bill?”

Come to some of my meetings and you’ll find out,” Bill answered.


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