The Cover Up Part Twenty-Two

Chapter Four

At about 8:00 AM Todd Duncan the day shift rehabilitation counselor arrived at The House of Hope to begin his shift. Up until recently there had been a swing shift residential care worker working from noon until 8:00 PM. As the union had recently negotiated a significant raise in salary for The House of Hope employees, the administration had chosen to lay off workers to cut costs. It wasn’t long before the negative effects of this decision was felt by the mental health wing. Both the day and evening shift rehabilitation counselors found that the time that they previously had to teach life skills classes and to spend quality time with individual clients was substantially reduced. This not only greatly reduced the effectiveness of their mental health delivery program but created a culture of resentment and lack of trust between the administration and its front line workers.

One of Todd Duncan’s first duties that morning was to check the medications for the week. He looked in Bret Harkness’ medication slot and noticed that his medication bubble pack was not there. Todd thought that this was odd. He phoned Rick Jenning’s office.

Good morning Rick. I was checking the meds this morning and couldn’t find Bret’s bubble pack from last week. When I checked his slot it wasn’t there. Do you know what happened to it?” asked Todd.

It’s nothing to worry about Todd. I’ve got Bret’s bubble pack of meds in my office. One of the detectives wanted to show him what medications Bret had been taking,” Rick replied.

Why didn’t you just show them his Medication Administration Records sheet, Rick?” asked Todd.

You know what Todd? You ask too many questions. Don’t tell me how to do my job. I’m your supervisor. I’ve got my duties to fulfill and you’ve got yours .Now let’s both get back to our jobs,” Rick snapped and hung up the receiver.

To say that Todd was confused and shaken by this tongue lashing would be an understatement. Todd had always been a competent and loyal employee in the three years that he had worked for Rick. Never in this time had he heard Rick take this tone with him.

Todd tried to shake it off and get back to the job that he had been doing.


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