The Cover Up part Twenty-Two

When Todd went back to checking the present week was laying beside the portable first aid kit. That’s when Todd noticed anomaly number two. Next Saturday’s night’s bedtime meds had been taken out of Bret’s bubble pack. Todd knew that this as something that Rick should know about, but he was not about to pick up the phone at this moment and call knowing the foul mood that Rick is in.

Rick, too, was a bit uneasy about his phone call with Todd. His first emotion was relief that he had the presence of mind to take Brett’s bubble pack out of the residential care worker’s office. Right then, a wave of panic overcame Rick. “What about next week’s bubble pack?” he thought. “Where was it?”

Rick realized that it also had to be in the RCW office. “What had he been thinking? Next Saturday’s meds had been taken out of that pack to replace the ones that Rick had taken to place in Bret’s old bubble pack.” Rick’s thoughts were making him very troubled.

Rick knew that he had to go to the RCW office to retrieve the other bubble pack without Todd seeing him taking it out. Rick got an idea. He called Todd on his office phone.

Hi Todd. I need a favor, buddy. Could you run downstairs to to the supply room to get me a box of letter size file folders. I’m kind of pressed for time this morning. I’ll cover the RCW office while you’re gone,” said Rick in a much more friendly tone of voice.

Sure, no problem,” said Todd. Todd was very surprised by the pleasant way Rick was now talking to him.

Oh, by the way, man. I’m sorry about how I snapped at you a few minutes ago. I haven’t been getting much sleep and the stress of Bret’s death has been getting the best of me,” said Rick apologetically.

No problem. I understand. I’ll leave the RCW office right now to get your file folders,” said Todd feeling thankful for Rick’s apology.

As soon as he hung up the receiver, Rick, picking up his briefcase,walked down the hall to the RCW office. He could see Todd’s back as he made his way to the elevator on his way to the first floor supply room. Rick opened the RCW office with his own key. It took him less than a minute to find Brett’s bubble pack. Rick placed the bubble pack in his brief case looking around to see that no one was watching him. Rick walked quickly back to his office, pulled down the blind on his office door and gave out a sigh of relief. He had no idea that Todd had seen the bubble pack before he went downstairs.


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