The Cover Up Part Twenty-Three

When Todd got back with the box of file folders he handed them over to Rick.

Thanks a lot buddy. I know I don’t tell you enough, but I really appreciate you, man. If it wasn’t for your administrative skills I don’t know how I’d get along here,” said Rick sounding very sincere.

Thanks, Rick,” said Todd. “I really appreciate your confidence in me.”

When Rick got back to his office he sat back in his leather and started to think about what he had to do next. He knew that he would have to destroy the evidence. Rick pushed out all of the meds in Bret’s bubble pack into a large manilla envelope. He then took the envelope into his private washroom and flushed all the pills down the toilet. Next he returned to his office and started cutting the cardboard shell of the bubble pack into tiny pieces. He then dumped the remains of the cardboard bubble pack into his empty aluminum garbage can. He then took a lighter out of his sport jacket pocket and lit the little pieces of cardboard on fire. It took only a few seconds for the evidence to burn up. A second later the smoke alarm in Rick’s office went off.

Damn, why didn’t I think to disable the smoke alarm first!” said Rick to himself.

Todd heard the alarm and came rushing down to Rick’s office.

Wow, what happened Rick?” asked Todd just as Rick had disable the smoke alarm.

Oh, I made a dumb mistake. I found an envelope of very old program stats in my file cabinet. The stats had been called into the Health Department years ago so I figured burning them would be the fastest way of getting rid of them. I didn’t think to turn off my smoke alarm first,” Rick stated in way of explanation.

Todd thought that he’d never known Rick to burn old files as a way of getting rid of them. He had usually just used the shredding machine to dispose of old documents that were no longer needed. When Todd got back to the RCW office he went right back to checking the first aid supplies. He needed to take an inventory to see if some more first aid supplies needed to be ordered. As soon as he opened the first aid cupboard he noticed that Bret’s bubble pack was no longer there.


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