The Cover Up Part Twenty-Five

Todd Duncan answered the phone.”Hello, House of Hope, Todd here can I help you?”

Hi Todd, it’s Derek, Bret’s friend calling. Is Bret around right now?”

Todd was just about to tell Derek to call Bret at the residents line when it occurred to him, Bret is dead.

You mean you don’t know yet?” asked Todd, very surprised.

Know what?” Is Bret alright?” asked Derek sounding shocked.

No, he’s not. He’s dead,” said Todd.

Wow, thanks for telling me.” With that, Derek quickly hung up before Todd could ask him any questions.

Todd immediately called Rick in his office. “Rick, have you got a minute?”

Yeah, sure Todd. What’s up?

Have you ever met Bret’s old buddy, Derek?” asked Todd.

Not in person, but Drake’s told me about him. Drake said that he had to kick Derek off the floor a couple of times. He said that Derek and his friend Randy were trying to intimidate some residents into giving them their cigarettes and money,” Rick replied.

Yeah, the weekend staff all reported that Derek and Randy visited Bret several times during the weekend,” said Todd remembering what he had read in the log book.

Todd could you check on the last entry in the log book that mentioned Derek or Randy?” I want to know when was the last time they came to see Bret. The time should be recorded in the log book,” said Rick.

Derek just called the RCW office a few minutes ago. He sounded surprised to learn that Bret had passed away. I was going to ask Derek a few questions but he hung up before I had a chance to ask him anything,” said Todd.

That sounds very suspicious to me. You mean to say that Derek didn’t ask any questions about how Bret died?” asked Rick.

No, he didn’t. He was sounded very nervous and in a hurry to hang up. It appears that he didn’t want me to ask him any questions,” Drake replied.

I’m going to Detective Barnes about this. Given the suspicious nature of Bret’s death both Derek and Randy could be “persons of interest”,” said Rick decisively.

Rick phoned the police department as soon as he finished his phone call with Todd.


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