The Cover Up Part Twenty-Six

Drake Stephens arrived for the evening shift at about 3:45 PM. This allowed some time to do shift change with Todd until his shift officially started at 4:00 PM. Todd and Drake were in many ways polar opposites. Todd tended to be more rational and didn’t get upset or angry as often as Drake. A few years ago when The House of Hope had a different supervisor, Todd had to physically get between Drake and the supervisor when it appeared that they might come to blows. In many ways he was there to steady Drake when Drake’s emotions got the better of him. Both men were near the same age and had shared some common history but in terms of personality, they were as different as day and night.

Not only were there personalities different they were also polar opposites in their working styles. Todd liked to perform the day to day administrative functions that kept the unit functioning. He was also a stickler for rules.

Drake on the other hand was the creative part of the team. Drake was only happy when he was given almost free reign to do his own thing. He could only tolerate supervisors at best. He hated having anyone supervise or, heaven forbid, criticize his work or ideas for the program. In a past life Drake had been a certified special education teacher while Todd had managed a group home for cognitively challenged men. Both men are professionals and always strive to do the best possible work for their clients.

Drake and Todd would have their disagreements and would butt heads from time to time. Fortunately, they both had a great deal of respect for each other and could usually work out their issues between themselves.

This shift change was the first time that Todd and Drake had a chance to discuss Bret’s death.

This really makes me angry. Brett’s death was so unnecessary. Here was a client who had all the lumber to make it on his own,” said Drake.

Yes, but unfortunately he didn’t know how to get rid of his old friends that were nothing but bad news,” said Todd.

Randy and Derek you mean?” asked Drake.

Who else?” Derek phoned in today making it sound like he wasn’t aware that Bret had passed away,” Todd added.

Todd filled Drake in about the details of Derek’s phone call. He also mentioned the log book entries relating to Derek and Randy’ activities on the weekend. Todd also reported that Rick was going to give Detective Barnes a call to fill him in on his suspicions about Derek and Randy’s possible involvement in Bret’s death.


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