The Cover Up Part Twenty-Eight



After all the supper medications were given out, Drake had some time to plan out his lesson for this evening. He much preferred it when the swing shift worker was still working with him. When he had the extra staff Drake could put much more into his lesson preparation. Having his partner with him in the classroom also gave Drake many more options for educational activities he could try with his students. But those days and the luxuries that they afforded were all in the past now. Drake was now on his own and felt the extra pressure.


This evening, however, he was for the most part all set to go. All he had to do in way of preparation this evening was to get the classroom set up to his liking. One of the many classes that Drake taught the residents was drama. Some of Drake’s colleagues had difficulty understanding why Drake would choose to teach drama. Why couldn’t he just stick to the basic life skills courses?


For one thing Drake liked acting and he liked teaching drama. This, in itself, was reason enough for him to teach the course. This may appear selfish but the fact was that most of the residents thoroughly enjoyed this class. This was justification number two for Drake. His students enjoyed the activity and didn’t they deserve some fun in their lives just like everyone else?


The third reason was that Drake saw life as being basically one big play in which we all had our parts to play. He also believed that we could all learn to play out our parts more effectively. Drake also believed that everyone plays roles every minute of their lives. Try surviving at work if you couldn’t play a role, for example.


Drake’s fourth reason was that drama or theater taught confidence and increased self esteem. The fifth reason was that Drake loved to perform for people. He got a real adrenaline buzz out of being front and center. Fortunately, Drake was all for others sharing the spotlight with him.


Drake had suffered from a major depressive order for all of his adult life. He had endured many painful experiences in his life. Drake believed that the good times in life should at least come as often as the bad times. In fact, the good times should far outweigh the bad times. As he got older this became integral to Drake’s philosophy of life. It was very important that he had fun most of the time and he wanted the same for his clients. He was willing to do anything in his power to make this a reality.


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