The Cover Up Part Twenty-Seven


Drake enjoyed most parts of his job description. He wasn’t too crazy about having to give medications out to the residents. This he found very stressful as their was absolutely no tolerance for error in this part of his duties. Drake had to dispense medications twice during his shift but that was one of the drawbacks of working the evening shift. One of the things that Drake liked about working the evening shift was he could sleep in in the mornings. Drake rarely got up before noon unless he had a doctor’s appointment or union business to attend to. It seemed like Drake needed the afternoons to take care of business. There were always things that had to be attended to. Things would periodically break down or need to be repaired or replaced.


Unfortunately, Rick didn’t possess any aptitude for fixing things. On his IQ tests he would usually score above average in every category except spatial reasoning. Drake would literally try to fit the round peg into the square hole. As a result of being mechanically challenged, Drake had to rely upon the services of repair contractors. He always found having to call repair people to be a humiliating experience. In most areas of his life, Drake was more macho than the average man but being a handy man was not one of these areas and resulted in him suffering serious anguish. Drake hated to admit to himself but he didn’t have much interest in the world of tools and repairs. He would much rather read, listen to audio books, play guitar, sketch pictures or write his fiction stories. Drake much preferred the life of the mind over the life of the body. There were some exceptions to this as Drake was probably more athletic than most men his age. Whenever, he could squeeze in some time, Drake would go to the gym, ride his mountain bike or go walking with his dogs at the closest dog park. In spite of his physical activities, Drake was still obese and was constantly battling his weight problem. He would go on near starvation diets periodically. These unhealthy diets often resulted in a loss of ten to thirty pounds but when you were as big as Drake, this produced little if any change in his appearance. This, Drake found very discouraging and usually resulted in Drake giving up the diet. He would then console himself with his high carb, junk food diet. There were areas in Drake’s life in which he was very disciplined but there other areas in his life where Drake appeared to demonstrate no will power whatsoever. But then again, Drake was a very complex man and he realized that there weren’t too many people like him. He found that there were advantages and disadvantages to this.




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