The Cover Up Part Thirty

What was in the large plastic shopping bag? Approximately a dozen plastic, Medieval period swords. On Saturday afternoon Drake had been in a Dollarama store and had found the swords hanging up on a wall at the back. Drake was almost always thinking about his classes even on the weekends. His daydreams were often filled with new ideas that he could try out with his class. In this way Drake was no different than a lot of professional school teachers. Teachers are notorious for spending their own money to buy resources for their classrooms. Most people don’t know this unless they work in a school or are married to a school teacher.
Why did Drake think that his students absolutely had to have these plastic, replica swords? Because his drama class was working on the play, Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Drake thought that his students would be more likely to pretend that they were living back in Elizabethan England, or Scotland in the case of Macbeth. Drake had been a double major in both English and history when he attended The University of Winnipeg. Drake was often able to blend his training from both academic disciplines into his classes.
In the fall Drake had completed some individual reading tests with the residents in order to determine their reading levels. When he was finishing up his assessment and evaluation of his client’s reading abilities, Drake was not surprised to find a vast range of reading scores. When looking at assessment and evaluation according to grade levels, Drake found that some students were reading at grade twelve level and beyond while a few were just barely literate.
There was also a significant range in his mid level students. Such a wide range of ability and skill levels in groups of people who have schizophrenia is not unusual. As schizophrenia usually manifests in the person’s adolescent years to their early twenties, many students had to drop out of school early as their symptoms made staying in school nearly impossible. Others, who were more fortunate in that the severity of their symptoms presented at a later time were able to complete high school and some even went on to university.
Drake had determined that a standard version of the text of Macbeth would be much too difficult for the majority of his students. The answer to this problem was to find an interpretation of the play that used modern contemporary English. He was able to find such a translation of Macbeth at The Department of Education Library. Drake would often use his off work time to look for resources to use in his classes at The House of Hope.


One thought on “The Cover Up Part Thirty

  1. I used to share a house with a teacher. Her dedication to the job was unreal. When she left, it was to go to a new school outside London, where she was to be deputy head. I’m not surprised she got promoted so quickly. Although I never saw her teach, I did see how she put just about everything into the job. Who knows, she’s probably a headmistress by now…



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