The Discipline of Writing Part One

The Discipline of Writing Part One

I have only been writing original fiction for about five years now. I have at times found writing to be exhilarating and very addictive. There have been many days when I wake up looking forward to hitting the keyboard. Other days getting motivated to write is not so easy.

One of the negative forces that an aspiring writer must push against is self doubt. At times you may read over what you have written and say to yourself,’This sounds pretty good. Not bad at all.’ Other times you may re-read some of your writing and ask yourself, ‘Would anyone actually read this stuff or more to the point, would anyone like your writing?’ Self doubt about your talent and abilities may be a hard challenge to overcome. The only solution I have found is to keep writing anyway. Tell yourself that you are a good writer and are getting better every day. One must tell oneself that all the reading, studying and writing practice will pay off some dayImage


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