The Cover Up Novel Part Ten

At around 7:10 Pm Drake officially began class.

When Rick Jennings got back to his office the first thing he did was to call Detective Jeff Barnes. “Hi, Detective Barnes, it’s Rick Jennings from The House of Hope?”

Hi Rick, you got any news for me?”

Yes, I do. Do you remember telling you about two of Brett’s old high school buddies, Randy and Derek?”

I sure do. Have they been trying to get a hold of Bret lately?”

Yes, and they’ve succeeded,” said Rick busily tapping a pencil on his knee.

I checked our log book from last weekend. According to the entries Derek and Randy visited Bret twice on the weekend.”

Do you suspect these boys might have any involvement in Bret’s death?”

Well, Derek called Sherry our day worker this morning. Derek didn’t appear to know that Bret was dead until Sherry told him. When Derek found out he immediately hung up the phone, “ Rick elaborated.

You mean Derek didn’t ask Sherry how Bret had died?” asked Barnes.

No. He just hung up the phone.”

That is odd. What did your logbook entries say?” asked the detective.

Both entries stated that Randy and Derek took Bret to Tim Horton’s for coffee on both occasions. One entry was for Saturday afternoon and the other was for Sunday evening,” answered Rick.

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Rick?, said Detective Barnes as he jotted down some notes. “ Do you know where Randy and Derek are staying right now?”

I’ve heard that they share an apartment not far from The House of Hope. Unfortunately, I don’t know the address,” said Rick. Some of our residents might know it. Randy and Derek would sometimes take Ian out for coffee as well.”

Okay, we got something to go on. Rick, can you get Ian to hang around the residence for about an hour?” said Barnes.

That shouldn’t be a problem. Ian is on the floor right now and has always been very cooperative with the staff,” said Rick.

Glad to hear it. I’ll be at The House of Hope in less than an hour. I think Ian should be able to provide me with some valuable information about Randy and Derek,” said Detective Barnes.

We’ll see you soon then, Detective. I’ll have some fresh coffee ready when you get here. I’ll give Ian some extra cigarettes. It will encourage him to talk.



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