The Cover Up Novel Part Fourteen

At around 7:10 Pm Drake officially began class.

What’s in the bag on your desk, Drake?” asked Carl, a resident sitting at the first table.

Aha, we shall see. Just wait a couple of minutes Laddie.”

Drake proceeded to read the scene from the play, Macbeth that the group was going to practice this evening. He then assigned speaking parts from the play to his students.

Now to really put us into the spirit of things today I have something in the bag for you guys. Drake dumped the bag of plastic swords out on the front table. Now remember boys, we’re now in Scotland at King Duncan’s castle. There will be a lot of soldiers there to protect the king. So I’m going to give each of you guys a sword for this scene.”

They came to a part in this scene where King Duncan makes his entrance. The first line said, “All hail, King Duncan!” Drake added a line of his own,”Long live the king!”

Now boys, we’re all going to stand up, pick up our swords and yell our lines as we march down the hall,” said Drake.

Drake got all the boys lined up. “Ah, I forgot to hand out one more thing. I forgot about the horns. Drake quickly opened the supply room next to the classroom and brought out a bag full of plastic trumpets.

Now we can blow our horns each time we say our lines,” instructed Drake.

As the residents were having so much fun marching, yelling out, “All hail the King” and blowing their trumpets, Drake led the group through a tunnel that led to other departments of The House of Hope. As soon as Drake and his students arrived at the entrance to the Addictions Department office they were greeted by Lisa Harrison.

Are you having fun, Drake?” she asked.

Drake looked like a school boy who been caught cheating on a test.

Drake, I think you and I are overdue for a little talk. See me in my office at 3:00 PM tomorrow,” said Lisa as quickly turned around and headed in the opposite direction.


When Rick Jennings got back to his office the first thing he did was to call Detective Jeff Barnes. “Hi, Detective Barnes, it’s Rick Jennings from The House of Hope?”

Hi Rick, you got any news for me?”Image


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