The Cover Up Part Fifteen

As soon as Ian left Rick’s office Detective Barnes turned to the supervisor and said, “I’m going to call Detective Holland. I think it’s time we had a little chat with Derek and Randy.”
Detective Barnes called Detective Krista Holland on his cell phone to ask her meet him at 207Aaron Street in about twenty minutes. He wanted to pay a surprise visit to Derek and Randy’s apartment. Jeff Barnes got there first only having to wait about five minutes for Krista Holland to arrive. There wasn’t any security system on the front door so the detectives just opened the door and took the stairs to the basement of the apartment building. They passed by the furnace room and the laundry room. The basement smelled a bit better than the main entrance that had the aroma of both body odor and urine. This was likely due to the washing machine being in use helping to permeate the scent of laundry soap.
Loud music could be heard behind Derek and Randy’s apartment door. Jeff thought the song playing was Paradise City by Guns and Roses. Detective Holland banged loudly on the apartment door. She hammered on the door for about a minute without getting a response. Just as Jeff was about to add his fist to the door for more effect the door opened slightly. A young woman with blue hair stuck her head slightly out into the hall. As soon as she saw the two detectives she tried to close the door but Detective Holland stuck her foot in the door to keep it open.
The girl ran from the door and shouted, “Hey guys! There’s cops at the door.”
Jeff Barnes could hear a male voice saying, “Ah, Shit!”
Detective Holland pushed the door all the way open and she and Detective Barnes entered the apartment. There was a strong smell of marijuana smoke and two home made hookas could be seen on top of the coffee table. As the residence was a bachelor apartment there wasn’t anywhere for the occupants to hide. Derek was sitting on a sofa with his arm around a young scantily clad female who appeared to be no older than sixteen years old. Randy was standing up. Another young female dressed in only black panties and a flimsy see through bra was trying to hide behind him.
“So, what do we have here? A couple of young men with under age females for company,” said Detective Barnes.
“Not to mention having illegal drugs in their apartment,” added Detective Holland.
“So, how old are you young lady?” Barnes asked the girl with the blue hair.
“I’m nineteen,” she answered with a weak voice.
“And how about you?” asked Holland addressing the woman standing behind Randy.
“I’m eighteen,” she said unable to look the detective in the eye.


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