The Cover Up Novel Part Nineteen

New Chapter:

Drake Stephens got up at twelve noon. He quickly discovered that he could not go to sleep after he arrived home from his evening shift. Even if it had been an uneventful evening shift without having to deal with any crisis, Drake arrived at home too tired and stressed to sleep. For two or three hours he would need to stay up and try to unwind. His wife, Judy would often be up to ask him how his shift went, but she would return to bed shortly after. She knew that Drake usually preferred not discussing his shift in any detail. On the odd night when Drake would need to get something off his chest Judy would patiently listen to him.
Drake liked listening to audio books to try to get his mind off work. Drake knew he had to either read or listen to audio books if he had any serious aspirations of becoming a novelist. He also enjoyed having someone read to him. Drake belonged to two internet audio book clubs. One of them was where you paid a monthly fee to download either one or two audiobooks of your choice. The other was a streaming site called that allowed a member to listen to unlimited audio books when you signed up for a subscription. With these two memberships Drake could listen to a variety of audio books to his heart’s content. He usually left writing his own fiction until the next afternoon as the act of writing can be over stimulating and interfere with his getting to sleep when he finally went to bed.


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