The Cover Up Novel Part Nineteen

New Scene:

After Detective Barnes finished his interview with Randy and Derek he took out his cell phone and dialed the home phone number for Drake Stephens.
“Hi, Drake. It’s Jeff Barnes calling. I just had a meeting with Randy Thornton and Derek Ruis and there’s something they said that I found very interesting. Did you have any knowledge that Bret might have been cheeking his medications?”
“Not to my knowledge. I’ve never caught Bret cheeking his meds and no one on staff has every mentioned any thing about this to me. Did Randy or Derek say that he was?”
“Yes, they did. They said that Bret had only been doing this a week or so before his death.”
“Well, like I said Jeff, if Bret had been cheeking I had no knowledge of it.”
“Derek and Randy also said that Bret would sometimes swallow his meds and then go directly to the washroom to vomit them up.”
“Once again, sir, I had no knowledge of Bret doing this,” said Drake.

At 3:45 PM Sherry Joyce and Drake Stephens were ready to start their shift change. Drake suggested that it would be a good idea if they talked in the small counseling room across the hall.
“Sherry, Detective Barnes called me this afternoon with some interesting information,” said Drake.
“Oh yeah, what did he tell you?”
He told me that he had interviewed Randy Thornton and Derek Ruiss. They had told the detective that Bret had been cheeking his meds a week or so before he passed away. Did you know anything about this?”
“Of course not. If I did I would have told you and the rest of the staff,” Sherry answered.
“I don’t know why Randy and Derek would tell the detective this if it wasn’t true,” said Drake. “ I’ve been thinking about what you told me about Rick and Bret’s bubble packs. This gives me even more reason to suggest what I think we should do about this situation.”
“Okay, what do you suggest we do?” asked Sherry.


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