The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part Twenty-Five

New Scene:

“Do you really think that we need a lawyer, Randy?” asked Derek with a nervous look on his face?”
“Are you kidding me man?” said Randy. “If Detective Barnes hooks us up with our drug dealing buddies, Sandy and Slade our goose is cooked. Do you want to go back to jail?”
“No, of course not,” answered Derek.
“The important thing is that the detectives don’t get us connected up with Sandy and Slade. If they do, they are going to think that we are somehow responsible for Bret’s death,” said Randy.
“So, what should we do, Boss?”
“The first thing I’m going to do is set up a meeting with Sandy and Slade. I have to let those guys know that the cops are going to be checking around The House of Hope trying to get the names of local drug dealers,” said Randy.
“Well, Randy, we’re not exactly on the best terms with Sandy and Slade right now.”
“That’s true but now we have a common enemy, the cops,” said Randy. “As soon as those guys realize that they could be implicated in Bret’s death they’re going to want to talk business with us.”
Just as Randy had finished talking the phone rang. Randy walked over to the coffee table to pick up the phone.
“Hi, Randy, It’s Sandy,”
“What a coincidence! Derek and I were just talking about you and Slade.”
“Look Randy, word on the street has it that two detectives have been snooping all around The House of Hope and that they have already talked to you and Derek.”
“You’re right about that,” said Randy.
“Look, the four of us have to talk and get our stories straight if you catch my drift.,” said Sandy.
“My sentiments exactly, Sandy. Why don’t you and Slade come over to our apartment in about an hour and then we can put our heads together.”


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