The Cover Up Novel Part Twenty Two by Ken David Stewart

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The Cover Up Novel Scene Twenty-Two

As Dick Meyers left her office Lisa Harrison had a few minutes to consider her situation. The Bret Daniel’s incident certainly didn’t reflect well on her management of The House Of Hope. Lisa’s goal had been to do such a great job as director of the facility that she would get promoted to the next rung on the social services ladder. In order to accomplish this she would need a strong endorsement from Dick Meyers.
Lisa’s parents were still both ministers of the City Center United Church. She had grown up being taught the religious and political philosophy of the ‘social gospel’ movement. The basic message of this viewpoint was that God cared about the poor and marginalized in society and expected Christians to work towards lifting people out of poverty and providing social justice for them. Until Lisa was in to her university years, she had never really questioned her parents and her church’s world view.
During her high school years Lisa had been a straight A student. She had been brought up by parents who both loved to read and whose home always had books and magazines in plain sight. Lisa’s academic success did not help her in her social adjustment in school. She had few if, any friends, and was somewhat ostracized by her peers not only because she was a high achiever but because her parents were both ministers. They rather thought of Lisa as a “stuck up” and self righteous person.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Lisa didn’t have much time for joining clubs or engaging in extra curricular activities at her high school. Her high academic achievement was more a result of her long hours of study than of her natural intelligence. When Lisa wasn’t at home working on her school work in the evening she was likely to be involved with one of her parent’s missionary projects. One of these was was a thrift store set up by her church in which used clothing and other items were either sold at very affordable prices or were given away free to customers who were in dire need. Lisa usually volunteered to work in the thrift store two evenings per week. She also spent one evening per week volunteering as a tutor for young inner city students that had gotten behind in their elementary school programs. When one considers Lisa’s volunteer work as well as the long hours she spent studying there was little time for Lisa to have a social life even if she had friends.

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