The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 32

“Well the good news Mr. Stephens is that mononucleosis will not kill you and the sore throat, high fever and coughing will likely end in a few days. The bad news is that your symptom of extreme fatigue could last up until one year from now.”
By Wednesday of that week most of Drake’s symptoms had resolved. He thought that he was feeling much better until he tried putting on his pants from a standing position. He felt very faint and almost toppled over to one side.
“This is not good,” thought Drake. “I can’t have this happening when I’m at work.”
Drake thought that having a bowl of Frosty Flakes cereal might give him some much needed energy. Maybe, he felt faint because he had not eaten much when he was feeling so ill over the weekend, Drake thought to himself.
A bowl of cereal followed by a coffee and a cigarette and I should be good to go.
As Drake got into his car he once again felt a twinge of weakness but this passed in a few seconds.
You’ve got to relax. There’s only seven weeks left in the school year anyway and you still have about ten sick days left.
When Drake got to the staff room a couple of his fellow teachers asked if he had been sick.
“Just a bad flu,” answered Drake.
“You take care, buddy. Only seven weeks to go,” said Mason Wells, the grade five teacher.
“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be all right,” Drake replied.
Drake made it until morning recess okay, but he played it safe. He had his kids mostly work on seat work so that he wouldn’t have to stand up for long for more than a few minutes. As his last student left for recess Drake started walking down the hall on his way to the staff room. Drake made it about ten feet before he saw a blaze of flourescent light and passed out. He was vaguely aware that a female teacher stood over him and yelled, “Quick, Karen, go get the principal!”
A couple of minutes later Drake could here his principal, Bob Hanes asking him if he could hear him. All Drake could do at that point was to moan. Bob said, “Shannon, call 911. We’re not going to try to move Drake until the paramedics give their okay.”


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