The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 33

When the paramedics arrived to check Drake out they didn’t find any evidence of a spinal injury. They took Drake to the hospital to have a doctor check him out. The doctor at the hospital told Drake that his case of mononucleosis was very severe and was causing his weakness and fainting. The doctor recommended six months to a year off work to allow Drake to recuperate.
That same day Drake phoned his principal, Bob Hanes with the prognosis.
“I want you take as much time as you need, Drake, to fully recover. You have a very challenging job and you’ll need to be in top physical condition to perform your regular duties. I’m going to start interviewing as soon as possible to get a replacement for you. You gave us quite a scare Drake and we all wish you a recovery to your peak form,” said the principal.
Drake had to admit that he was relieved by how well his boss was taking this and he was actually looking forward to the time to rest up. He was also happy that he would now have more time to spend with his family.
After six months Drake felt that he was ready to resume his teaching assignment. Within about a month Drake realized that he had made a big mistake. He had returned to work too soon. Having been off work for several months Drake had forgotten just how much energy it took to teach a classroom of children with special needs. He tried to tough it out and did not want to tell his principal that he was struggling.
Bob Hanes was an experienced administrator who was not convinced when Drake would tell him that he was feeling okay. Mr. Hanes had noticed that Drake was making his lessons shorter and was having more discipline problems than usual. He also noticed that Drake had lost all the color from his complexion except for gray.
After Drake’s first month back was completed Bob Hanes called him into his office for a serious talk. “I’ll get straight to the point Drake. I’d want you to know that I’ve always liked you personally and in the past I was very pleased with your teaching performance. But now, unfortunately, things have changed. I hate to say this to you Drake, but I can see that you’re really struggling. If I were allow you to continue like this I feel that I would be putting your health in danger and it wouldn’t be fair to your students either. Drake, I want you to see your doctor as soon as possible and to tell him the truth. Tell your doctor as honestly as you can how you are feeling and what I have said. I’m going to get a substitute for your classroom until you return from your doctor’s appointment. I will need a clear bill of health from your doctor or I cannot allow you to continue teaching. I’m very sorry to have to tell you this but I’m very worried about you.”


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