The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 36

“What do you think Drake? What do you want to do?”
“I’m not sure Dr. Stein. I don’t think I have the health and stamina to return to full time teaching,” said Drake.
“Then let’s explore some alternatives. I’ll give you a couple of psychological tests to do. I’ll score and analyze them for you and then we’ll talk some more.”
“Sounds good to me,” said Drake.
“Are you planning on applying for long term disability benefits?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Then ask your doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist. The insurance companies require the assessment of a psychiatrist for these stress related claims. I know this for a fact. I’ve worked with several teachers and other professionals in your position. As for any career transition issues I will be the best one to help you. It’s probably going to take awhile for your life to stabilize and you’re going to need a source of income during this time. That’s what long term disability benefits are for,” said Dr. Stein.
“You mean I’ll have to see a psychiatrist. Do you think I’m crazy?” asked Drake.
“Not at all,” laughed Dr. Stein. “ But it’s very likely that you are depressed and that’s an accepted medical condition. That’s what your insurance company will be looking for, a recognized medical condition.”
“And they need a psychiatrist to determine this?”
“That’s the way the game works, Drake. It’s the insurance companies that make up the rules. But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Are you ready to start your written tests?” asked Dr. Stein.
“Yeah, let’s get at it,” answered Drake.
Drake looked at the papers that Dr. Stein handed to him. One test was known as a Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory. This test was designed to determine what kind of occupations Drake might be interested in pursuing. The other test was the Myers -Briggs Personality Tests. Drake had done both these tests when he had seen a university counselor but that was several years ago. Dr. Stein also had Drake do a couple of psychological tests that Drake was not familiar with. Fortunately, Drake enjoyed doing these types of tests and was interested in how Dr. Stein would interpret his test results when he was finished. In a little over an hour Drake had finished his tests and called Dr. Stein to come back to his study.


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