The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 37

“Your tests all finished Drake?” asked Dr. Stein.
“Yes, and I feel all tired out,” answered Drake.
“I’ll tell you what. It’s going to take me an hour or two to score and analyze your results. Can you be back tomorrow at 10:00 AM.?”
“Good. I’ll go over the test results with you then. Have a good day, Drake.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Doc.”
Drake arrived about fifteen minutes early for his Sunday morning appointment. He was greeted at the door by Dr. Stein. This morning the psychologist was wearing a faded denim shirt and a pair of similarly well worn blue jeans. Drake looked around the study and saw an acoustic electric guitar sitting on a guitar stand in the corner.
“Do you play guitar, Harvey?” Drake was by now feeling enough at ease to call his psychologist by his first name.
“I try, Drake. I’m not very good but I still find playing the guitar to be relaxing.”
“What kind of music do you like to play?” asked Drake.
“ All kinds. Folk and classic rock the most, probably. I love playing Bob Dylan songs.”
“Wow, I love Dylan’s music. Did you know that Dylan is playing a concert in Winnipeg this summer?”
“I sure do. I’ve got tickets for it,” answered Dr. Stein.
Drake laughed. “Me, too. I’ll see you at the concert.”
“It should be a great show. It’s the first time Dylan is playing in Winnipeg,” said Dr. Stein.
“Do you know how to play Mr. Tambourine Man, Harvey?”
“It’s one of the few songs that I play half decently.”
“Can you play it for me now?” asked Drake.
“Well, playing Bob Dylan songs to one of my clients wouldn’t be considered a best practice in my profession, what the heck. I can call it establishing a therapeutic relationship.”
Dr. Stein walked over to get his Martin acoustic guitar. He took a minute or two to tune up and then broke into the opening chords of Mr. Tambourine Man. It sounded so good that Drake started singing along with his psychologist. Their harmony was surprisingly good and doctor and client sang the song with great emotion.


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