The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 38

“Wow, We sound pretty good together,” said Drake.
“Well, I’m not going to quit my day job just yet, Drake,” said Dr. Stein.
“I don’t blame you,” laughed Drake.
“Well, I think it’s time that we got down to business,” said Dr. Stein. I’ll go over the results of your Strong -Campbell test first Drake. The results are pretty definitive. According to your scores you definitely fit into what is called ‘the helper’ category.”
“What does that mean?”
“It indicates that you like to work with people and to help people. Several professions fall into this category including the ministry, social work, lawyer, teacher and a few others. You score high in all these occupations Drake but your highest score is in teaching. According to the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory you demonstrate a strong interest in any of these occupations but your highest aptitude is for teaching.”
“Oh, great. So I should continue being a teacher?
“Not necessarily. This test just shows that you still have a strong interest in education. Your Myers-Briggs test results indicate that you belong to a personality profile that is not common for a teacher. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a teacher because there are working teachers with the same personality profile as you. Let’s explore the field of social work. You also have a strong interest in this profession but I can tell that you hate paper work and bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the field of social work has even more bureaucracy and paper work than teaching. For this reason, I wouldn’t think that it’s a good fit for you.”
“So, where do we look next, the ministry?”
“We could. Let’s explore that. Are you a Christian and do you attend church?”
“Yes, to both but I’m a bit irregular in my church attendance,”
“Does that mean that you don’t go to church every Sunday?”
“Yes, I often don’t go to church on Sundays. I might go once per month.”
“Don’t you like church?”
“Sometimes I do, but I’m often bored in church. Most Sundays I’m simply too burned out from my job and feel that I just need to sleep late and take it easy on Sundays,”said Drake.
“I don’t think that sending you to seminary to be trained as a pastor is going to be a viable alternative,” said Dr. Stein.


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