The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 39

to be a viable alternative,” said Dr. Stein.
“No, probably not.”
“I’ll tell you what my take is on your situation. Honestly, Drake when I look at you, the way you dress, the way you talk, your mannerisms, you’re rock and roll. You love to teach, but you hate authority and bureaucracy. This really creates a dilemma for you,” said Dr. Stein.
“Yeah, agreed. So what do I do?”
“Well, I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t go back to teaching in a traditional school division setting. You need to teach in an environment that is non traditional and is unconventional.”
“Where would I find a job like that?” asked Drake.
“There are two types of places that I can think of offhand. One would be to teach in a penal institution and the other would be in some kind of mental health setting,” answered Dr. Stein. In both those environments I think your supervisors would tend to let you do your own thing and would basically see you as the educational expert. You would feel much less pressure to perform according to someone else’s standards and you would be freer to exercise your creativity. My advise to you would be to start contacting some of these institutions to express your interest in teaching there. In fact, I have a friend who supervises a mental health rehabilitation center in The House of Hope. His name is Rick Jennings and I have his contact number. He’s a very nice guy and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind meeting you over a coffee or lunch. Are you interested?”
“Yes, would it be possible for you to introduce me to him?”
“No problem. Why don’t I set up a three way call for you right now?” asked Dr. Stein.
Drake shuffled nervously around in his chair and said, “Yes, go ahead. Thank you, Harvey.”
Dr. Stein picked up the phone and dialed Rick Jenning’s number.
“Hi, Rick. It’s Harvey Stein calling.”
“Hey, how’s it going, Harvey?” said Rick.
“Rick, can I put you on speaker phone? I have a client in my office that I’d like you to talk to. His name is Drake Stephens. His background is in teaching but he’s interested in working in a non traditional setting.”
“Sure put us on speaker phone. You’ve got me interested. I can assure you that this is an unconventional place to work,” said Rick.


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