The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 41

Next Scene:
As Drake pulled up a chair in Rick’s office the mental health supervisor just stared at his guest. The man seated in front of him was not what Rick expected. Rick was thinking of what his teachers used to look like and Drake did not fit the picture. Drake was carrying a very large black executive style Day Timer that appeared in sharp contrast to what he was wearing. Drake was wearing an unbuttoned blue denim shirt that covered a Motorhead tee shirt. These went well with Drake’s faded Wrangler blue jeans.
“Nice office you got here,” said Drake removing his mirrored aviator sunglasses.
“You must be the school teacher that I talked to on the phone. Actually our mutual friend, Harvey Stein, called me yesterday to tell me about you and what you might be interested in,” said Rick, still recovering from the impact of Drake’s surprising appearance.
“Yeah, he recommended that we get together for a coffee,” replied Drake.
“So, you are, or were a school teacher I understand. “
“Actually, I don’t know what I am right now. I think I’m going through a mid life identity crisis. Dr. Stein thinks that I probably shouldn’t go back to teaching in a traditional school setting.”
“Why’s that?” asked Rick getting up to talk to a resident who was staring through the window to Rick’s office. “Sorry, I’ll be right back. I need to find out what Charlie wants.”
“Who’s the cool dude in your office, Rick? I like his ponytail,” said Charlie.
“He’s a guest and we’re kind of busy right now. Do you think that you could leave us alone for about twenty minutes?”
“Yeah, sure Boss. I was just wondering if our cheques arrived yet?”
“Not yet Charlie. I’ll let you know when they do?”
“I hope it’s soon. I’m down to my last cigarette.”
“Don’t worry. It shouldn’t be long now Charlie.”
“It’s cheque day today and the residents will be getting their allowance. They come to ask me every ten minutes when they’ll get their allowance,” Rick explained.


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