The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 42

Next Scene:

Lisa Harrison was noticeably unnerved to see both Bill James and Drake Stephens in the creative writing class. Her mind was racing trying to assess whether there was a conflict of interest involved or not. Her emotions were telling her that at the very least it was probably not be a good idea for her to be facilitating this class.
On the other hand this class had nothing to do with her job at The House of Hope. It was not a course for credit and she was not going to be giving out any marks to the class participants so the question of favoritism or anti-favoritism would not arise. Besides, Ron Evans, the director of the Community Center’s Continuing Education Program would be left in a very difficult position. He was a friend of hers and she did not want to disappoint him. She would have a talk with both Drake Stephens and Bill James about anonymity outside of class and the importance of maintaining appropriate boundaries. After all, this class could prove interesting. Previous to this evening Lisa had not known that both Bill James and Drake Stephens were aspiring writers. She just hoped that Bill didn’t have any ideas about presenting any left wing propaganda literature in this class. This was one thing she would definitely emphasize with Bill after this evening’s class was over.
Lisa Harrison began by going over the basic ground rules for the class. She emphasized that they were all there to share their interest in writing and that she insisted that the participants show respect for each other and their classroom contributions.
“I feel very privileged to be facilitating this group. A couple of you I know through my work at The House of Hope and I see a few others that I recognize from the community. I want to make it very clear that I will not be discussing or answering any questions about my work at The House of Hope. That information I consider to be confidential. I would like to ask individual participants why they signed up for this class and what you hope to get out of it. From there I am going to ask some volunteers to tell me who their favorite writers are.”
Lisa then proceeded to have individual students give their reasons for taking this course. She found out that several of the group were beginners who thought they would like to try their hand at writing.


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