Writing Interrupted

Writing Interrupted

During the last six weeks I haven’t written any new blogs or produced any new fiction stories. I have been experiencing a bad case of writer’s block. In the last few weeks I have struggled with a debilitating bout of depression that ran concurrently with a nasty dose of the flu. During this time all my energy was depleted and it hurt even to think or concentrate. My physical gas tank was also below the empty marker. In short, I was miserable. The main thing that saves me during these times is the knowledge of my past history. That knowledge is that the funk I am in will eventually pass.

During this time I also ran into some very frustrating technical problems with my desk top computer. I typically spend many hours every day on my computer. At present my hard drive is coughing out its last breaths. Fortunately, my wife has a laptop that is working adequately. I have transferred duplicates of some of my programs to her lap top. This is only a temporary measure as many of my programs take up quite a bit of bandwidth and the lap top does not have much memory space. I will need to buy a new hard drive.

During this time my wife has been very active and has worked hard at getting our home back in order. I am obviously feeling better today as I am actually writing a blog. I thank God for that and hope to be more productive. I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity.


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