Episode 4 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

It was early July and it was summer vacation for Stephanie and Ryan. Both of John’s kids worked odd jobs during the summer months so that they would have some spending money. Stephanie and Ryan both had paper routes and also did chores for some of the people in their neighborhood.
Stephanie was the first to arrive home. She had been doing some dog walking for a couple that lived on their street.
Stephanie had medium length natural blond hair streaked with bright. red hair coloring. She had a gold nose ring and a piercing in one eyebrow. Stephanie wore a black and gold Nirvana tee shirt that had a few holes in it. She wore stone washed blue jeans with a tear in one knee. Stephanie was part nineties Seattle grunge and part punk rocker. Her favorite band was Nirvana. Her other favorites, in no particular order, were Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Hole, The Plasmatics and Motorhead. Stephanie also liked The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. She owned a large collection of CDs.
Like her brother, Ryan, Stephanie lived with her mother during the majority of the year. She had a strained relationship with her mother. Stephanie’s mother did not approve of her daughter’s style of dress, her friends or her lifestyle. Stephanie’s mom, Susan, was very concerned that daughter might be using street drugs. Her brother Ryan got along much better with his mother and often smoothed things over when Stephanie and Susan got into shouting matches. Both kids were very upset by their parents’ break up but had their own ways of dealing with it.
About ten minutes after Stephanie arrived home Ryan came through the front door. John Richards rented a small house that was probably better fitted to two occupants than three. It seemed that John, Stephanie and Ryan were often within close proximity of each other. John was accustomed to having the house to himself for most of the year. Whenever his two kids came to stay with him John found that he had quite an adjustment to make.
Ryan had just returned from doing some yard work for an elderly couple in the neighborhood. He arrived home dirty and sweaty. It was a hot day and Ryan’s first stop was the kitchen sink where he poured himself a large glass of water. Ryan was seventeen years old and was very good looking. He wore his long light brown hair in a pony tail. Ryan had a strong muscular athletic build. The girls at his high school found him to be very attractive. The only times that Ryan did not have a girlfriend was by his own choice.


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