Episode 5 The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

After a few minutes passed Ryan noticed that his dad was pacing around the small living room. “What’s up?, Dad. You look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

Have a seat on the couch, guys. I have some good news and some bad news to tell you,” said John still nervously pacing the floor. “Which do you want first?”

‘Hit us with the bad news first, Dad,” said Stephanie with a worried look on her face.

Okay. The bad news is about your Grandpa. I just got a call from your Aunt Meg earlier today. She told me that Grandpa’s cancer has gotten worse and that he may only have one or two months to live,” John answered.

That’s terrible news,” said Ryan with a pained expression on his face.

We have to visit him before he dies,” said Stephanie.

I’ve got that part covered,” said John. “That’s the good news. We’re starting on a drive to Aunt Meg’s place tomorrow morning. She wants our company until your Grandpa passes away. We’ll be staying at her place for most of the summer.”

Did you say we’re leaving tomorrow? Dad” asked Ryan.

Yep, I want to get an early start. I want to be on the road by eight A.M. tomorrow morning,” answered John.

Wow, this is short notice. We’ll have to start packing this evening,” said Stephanie.

That’s the plan,” John replied. “We’ll start packing right after supper. I’m going to phone Pizza Hut and order us some pizza. What kind of pizza would you guys like?”

Ham and pineapple for me,” answered Stephanie.

Pepperoni for me,” said Ryan.

When their pizza delivery arrived John, Stephanie and Ryan got into a lively discussion.

Are we going to have enough money for the trip? Dad, “asked Ryan.

Yeah, do you guys remember my cousin, Ronnie?”

Yeah, I remember him coming to visit you a couple of times,” said Stephanie.

As I recall he was pretty well off, wasn’t he? He drove a really cool Porshe,” said Ryan.

Yes, cousin Ronnie did very well for himself as a life insurance agent,” answered John. “ I forgot to tell you guys Ronnie had a fatal heart attack in January. He didn’t have many family members left, so he left me a substantial inheritance in his will.”



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